The European Union Explained-Its Mission

When Andrew Duff was asked about his life mission, which obviously is centered on the evolution of the European Union, he answered to help create a Europe that can punch up to its weight in global affairs. He also holds firm beliefs as do many federalists in the European Union that the nation state is no longer equipped to handle the global problems that exist in our modern world.

 The transcript of the interview is typed below. For more on European Federalism within the European Union from Andrew Duff who is helping to shape the EU’s future, stay tuned for the more from this playlist.

Erika Grey
You have spoken of your mission, you are obviously a man with a life mission, can you in your own words tell us your mission and why it is so important to you?
Andrew Duff

Well I think that we need to create a Europe, which can punch its weight in global affairs in the interests of our values and principles that I want to project elsewhere. I would like a Europe that will be able to square up to the great challenges that we now face in climate in security, prosperity. Things that whose scale and complexity have transcended the scale of the nation state. We have out grown the old classical state. and we need to create a integrated regional community that can improve upon the performance of the nation state that will provide the public with goods that it deserves that can hear and respond to the anxiety’s and the aspirations of the citizens in a way that the old states cannot anymore. and if we’re going to do this it’s critical that the form of a government that we create at this level is federal if it’s not it will be centralized, it will be prone to presidencies Germany becoming in charge of the EU. And it has to be fundamentally and profoundly very democratic and the only way it could be that is if its federal.

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