The Future of European Parliament Elections

When asked if he would run again as an MEP Andrew Duff provided in his answer his recommended changes, which would shake up the current MEP voting procedure to make it more in line with a Federal government.

Andrew Duff has written about his recommendation in his blog posts and also in his book “Pandora, Penelope, Polity, How to Change the European Union. Originally he outlined his proposal in a report to the European Parliament report on a proposal for a modification of the Act concerning the election of the members of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage when he was the rapporteur for the Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

IN this interview he reiterates the proposal while also providing his answer to the question if he will run again. Within this short video is an info sheet summarizing Andrew Duff’s recommendation. Below you will find the transcript for the interview. For more from Andrew Duff on changes that are head for the European Union stay tuned in this playlist.
Erika Grey
Can we expect to see you running in the next MEP election?
Andrew Duff

Well I would like Parliament to carry on in the place that I left off, was enforced to leave off to try to create for a certain number of MEP’s a pan European constituency, which would elect some of them from transnational political party lists. And the idea of this, which was approved in the Parliament in a fairly ambiguous way, but I think is the key to growing strong federal parties to compete with national political parties, which in the past have had sort of a mo monopoly on the campaigns- a grip on the election campaigns of the European Parliament. It means that those campaigns have been very national and completely isolated from one another. I would like to think that my idea of trans national lists for a pan European seat will in the end win through and that if that happens I will certainly seek to put up for the European Parliament again, but probably for a national political party, no I think Iā€™ve tried that.

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