The Internet in Mark of the Beast Prophecy

In Bible Prophecy we talk a good deal about the Mark of the Beast and its relation to chip technology and a cashless society, but we have overlooked the internet that we enjoy using as having anything to do with the Mark of the Beast.

The internet will tie in with the Mark of the Beast and be used by the Antichrist’s Police State.  Many of us are not paying attention to the direction the internet is moving towards and how it will serve the Beast of Revelation.

In 1995 when people started to use the internet it was exciting to be able to write people from all over the world. It was a place to meet people from great distances away who shared your interests.  Search engines and browsers refined and little by little governmental databases started to come on line. With this evolution the internet’s slow speed grew faster and faster. Screen resolutions and graphics improved. With its evolution came audio and video files, which led to the launch of YouTube in 2005. The internet was always a place to gain information, but the information available has increased with time in ways that no one anticipated.
No one imagined that the internet 15 years later would include a good deal of information about individual’s personal lives. One’s home address including every address the person ever lived at is available online. In addition one can find a person’s phone number, marriage, divorce, criminal and death records.  One could also easily see if you had an LLC or a Corporation, hold a patent and all of your information publicly available. In some cases this involves the details from divorce trials, lawsuits and various court cases including small claims court.  If this were not enough, a person’s voting record is available online providing the last year they voted, where they voted and for what party they voted. What is a hoot is that when you go to vote, you do so by secret ballot in a private booth only for your vote to be made public on the internet.
A sex offender can end up on the entire first page of Google under the various sex offender registries and websites.  A criminal’s arrest or an innocent person’s arrest is public via the newspaper articles published online.  In some cases the information available is not just recent, but even dating back to prior to the internet.   Marriage and death records and some obituaries prior to the advent of the widespread use of the internet are now online.
If you use the internet and comment on forums or write reviews, these can be found as well. Now add Facebook which has become the online database of persons and people can discover other personal details about you. Matt Cutts, Google’s guru stated that the point of all of this is to give everyone an online identity.
The internet goes even further now and apps can provide your exact location.  Your internet has an IP that provides location and your phone has a GPS tracking device. The social networks you sign onto can also track your whereabouts and record them.
Yahoo tailors their page based on your interests. Google Adwords does the same. The ads you see are based on your own searches.  Even the news headlines that appear are tailored for you based on your interests in some websites.
All of your photos and videos taken by your smartphone are uploaded to your Google account and although you can mark them as private or public they are still on the servers. ABC News reported that even SNAPCHAT photos, which are supposed to disappear and only last seconds can still be found on their servers and do not in fact disappear.  Imagine all of this information in the hands of the Antichrist’s Police State. As the Internet advances it will provide the Antichrist a vehicle for the police State described in Bible Prophecy.
  Many Bible Prophecy experts through the years sited the names of enormous mainframe computers that were designed as data bases that could sync information from computer to computer. Meanwhile the internet comes along and we are on the internet overlooking its potential role in the Antichrist’s Police State as a component in the Mark of the Beast.
 It is estimated that we are nearing two billion smart phone users and considering that there are seven billion persons in the world and that there are about 2 billion children, this is ample number to fulfill Bible Prophecy’s forecast. According to Time Magazine, which sited a UN report, to the UN more people have cell phones than toilets and they estimate that there are 6 billion cell phone users. Taking it even further the NSAcan tap into all of your online and phone communications including text messages.    Even persons who do not use the internet or smartphones can be found on the internet.  Already there exist enough worldwide users for a Police State to monitor its population.

In Bible Prophecy there has been a good deal written about a cashless society and the Mark of the Beast. It was predicted that we were headed for a cashless society and Bible Prophecy experts follow the developments in cashless payment systems.

  The idea of a cashless payment system is greatly enhanced by the Internet and smartphones. For a Police State the internet’s ability to reveal so much information on a majority of the population, makes it a vital tool.
One can now bank on their smartphones or on their computers.   You can make bank deposits without having to go to the bank, and pay your bills online or from your smart phone.  The new cloud based bookkeeping systems sync with your banks, credit cards and investment accounts and shows all of your balances in one dashboard.  Think of how simple all of this is for a Police State to monitor you.
Our lives are migrating online and a portrait of who we are is found in our search queries and email contacts.  Everything anyone in an intelligence agency wants to know is easily found on the internet.
Your smartphone automatically uploads all of your photos and videos online and you can decide if they are go public or remain private. While you can make it private to the public, your information is not private for anyone governmental intelligence agency.
The next wave of technology uses adaptive brain interface, which uses our minds to control our gadgets.  It also places our gadgets right within our skin so that our own bodies become the computer screen. The internet is now a component in what will be the Mark of the Beast, which will connect every individual to the Antichrist and his Police State allow his henchmen to know all about you. Under the Antichrist the internet will be a tool for the Mark of the Beast, and will help to detect those who have not taken the Mark and provide a list of their names and addresses and even use their own phones to GPS their whereabouts.  As we progress further into the future, the internet will be used to help find the Anti- Mark of the Beast Christians.
Nearly all evangelical Christians are adverse to the idea of any kind of implant technology because of their knowledge of the Mark of the Beast and yet all of use the internet and enjoy using the internet and smartphones.

 We have overlooked the internet’s possible contribution to the Antichrist’s Police State predicted in Bible Prophecy.  It will be used to gather information on the non-compliant Mark takers and help track them down and might even in its future state connect into the Mark of the Beast itself.

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