The New Order: The Age of Empire: The New World Order is History

23 Years ago on September 11, 1990 George Bush stood at a podium in front of congress and uttered the phrase New World Order. Like LIGHTNING, it bolted through the airwaves of conspiracy theorists and the huddled masses of Evangelical Christians. The New World Order would launch the Antichrist and the ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT the Bible describes. New World Order became the end all, CATCH-ALL PHRASE of Bible Prophecy watchers. While the apostle John sat on a rock on the Isle of Patmos he saw in his END-TIME vision the whole world WORSHIPING and taking the Mark of the Beast.  John’s vision recorded in Revelation chapter 13 aligned perfectly with a New World Order, which implied the possibility of a World state.

Here in 2013, I am here to tell you that New World Order is now for the history books.  Thank you George Herbert Bush, your little phrase hopped the conspiracy theorist bandwagon, it rocked the evangelical Christian world and was beaten into the ground and sand so many times, and now it finds itself in the dust bin of history.

Bush coined the phrase 22 years ago.   The Berlin wall fell and the new world order existed for about the next 20 years The new world order rose from the ashes of communism.  George Bush envisioned democracy on a world wide scale with globalization bringing the nations together in cooperation. Conspiracy theorists embraced George Bush’s new world order as headed by their illuminati’s and Bilderbergers.  Its been over 20 years, 22 to be exact and no takeover. We do not have a world governed by the conspiracy theorist’s secret societies.

What happened to the New World Order and why is now a phrase and a piece of history scholars will write into history books?  It transitioned to Age of Empires. We have walked through the doors to the empire Age. No one expected it, no one imagined it.  The prophet Daniel talked about it and laid it out in vivid detail over 2500 years ago..

ACCORDING TO THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS an empire launches the Antichrist. specifically The Revived Roman Empire. As Daniel stood in front of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon interpreting his dream image and relating it to the end times, he forecast-ed AND ENVISIONED THE FOUR Empires that would rule Israel.  Among them STOOD the Empire that the Antichrist will rise to super power prominence.  Daniel never wrote about a New World Order, he foresaw an empire, which stands with the appearance of a Terminator.  It walks on two enormous iron legs.  This monster opens its lion like mouth and shows its great iron teeth. It crushes all who oppose it.

In 2008 MEP and former prime minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt named the current geopolitical frame work as the age of empires. He brought up the emerging bric nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the United States and European Union.

Russia has 143, million citizens,

Brazil the fifth largest nation in the world has 200 million

The United States population of 316 million is cited as the third largest nation, but is knocked off of its third place slot by the European union, which has 504 million citizens.  When Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union in July of this year its population will increase to 508.2 million citizens.

China and India are monolith. China is the largest nation in the world with 1.3 billion persons and India follows right behind with 1.21 billion.

The empire that prophecy watchers should keep an eye on, is the one that Daniel pinpoints as the final world empire. This is the revived roman empire, which is today’s European Union.

European Union Commission President Manuel Barroso while sitting among a group of European Union officials was asked by a reporter about the structure of the European Union and he answered CALMLY that it is an empire. He called it a non-imperial empire.

During the cold war we lived in a bipolar wold with the US and Russia as the leading superpowers.  Afterwards the world went unipolar with the United States as the sole superpower.   Some experts say we have evolved into a multipolar world, which has replaced the new world order.  A multipolar world will only exist for a short time.  The bible describes a unipolar world headed by an empire that unifies the world.  It does not happen via a conspiracy, but rather via geopolitics .  Thus, one of the empires in the multipolar world reaches the top of the list in economic strength and power turning the multipolar world, unipolar.

John while standing on the sands of the Mediterranean sea sees a beast rise up out of the sea. Its seven heads and ten horns pop out of the water and its fully exposed head bears a blasphemous name. John does not see a new world order, he sees an empire.  The final world empire rules the nations. The final world empire makes the world’s citizens take the mark of the beast.  The final world empire will write the rules for the globe.  The final world empire will launch the Antichrist who will lead this government to super power status..

George Herbert Bush’s new world order is now history and the new order is the age of empire or the empire age.  Bible prophecy watchers will see the evolution of the multipolar into a unipolar with the European Union as the leading world empire.

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