The New World Order Rising – Russia Ukraine War

The Russian war in Ukraine brought in an obvious geopolitical seismic shift of the world order. George Bush‚Äôs new world order went into the dustbin of history.   Several media outlets reported on BlackRock‚Äôs CEO Larry Fink‚Äôs comment that the Russia Ukraine war is upending the world order and that it ushered in the end of globalization.  Wall Street was now warning of the end of globalization.  Despite the global shift,  conspiracy end times websites still managed to find a globalist one world government in the mess.

Despite the fiction that they were writing to calm their audiences that their distortions of the world system still existed, their followers were not buying it.  The shift in the globe was too apparent and with it a foreboding.  Analysts from finance and in governments are trying to gauge the order and economy that will emerge from the Russia Ukraine war.

The big question on the minds of Evangelicals is what does this mean in end time Bible prophecy. Around 2005 the BRIC nations emerged. These are Brazil, Russia, India and China, in addition to the European Union and United States. Former Commission President Manuel Barroso confirmed in 2007 in his answer to the question of a journalist that the EU was an empire. EU power politician Guy Verhofstadt stated in 2009 that we are in an age of empires. Meanwhile as the empire age was coming into being, prophecy pundits erroneously taught a non-existing globalist one world order. 

In fact the book of Daniel predicted the empires that would rule Israel and a final world empire. Daniel’s final age that would mark the Tribulation was not one of a globalist order but rather of an empire that had world rule. Since 2005 these empires were now emerging. Russia’s war with Ukraine is essentially the first war in the age of empires. Only this war brought in the end of globalization and ushered in regionalization.  In this the empires would align with another against the others, such as Russia with China.  As a result, we are seeing the United States and European Union enter into a closer alliance as a bulwark against the China Russia alliance. Canada and the UK are along with the EU and US.  Although India is teetering on being neutral as a member of the Quad with the United States, is also supporting Russia. 

Indian journalist Arnad from the Republic stated that it is now every nation or empire for themselves, and this has been repeated throughout various international media.  With Western Russian sanctions, the world also appears to be splitting into separate economic blocks and the sanctions have a boomerang effect across the globe. No one yet knows the fallout from these them. One thing we know is that the dollar is going to be effected as Russia, China and India move away from using dollars. In addition, Klaus Regling Managing Director of the European Union’s European Security Mechanism stated that the current sanctions and their fallout pressed the need for the steps needed to complete the euro and thrust it into a global reserve currency. While we can anticipate this war to lend to the US’s decline, we can also expect that we will see it also lending to the rise of the EU empire in preparation for the Antichrist.  

The EU has let it be known that it too is doing what is in its empire’s best interests first and foremost. Moreover, it has already begun to rewrite rules for the world. If nations do not comply, they cannot trade with its vast empire. Finally, it is working on trade and association agreements that will render its empire greater and larger than China’s. Thus, leading to the dreadful and terrible crushing empire seen by the prophet Daniel under the Antichrist. Meanwhile many are asking about the Ezekiel 38 war, Ukraine is a part of that war, or at least the Eastern part of Ukraine and we see Russia taking it in this war in preparation for it. Moreover, we see Israel as mediator because of its good relations with Russia, which is also a prerequisite for this war.  God turns the Russian prince around from this peace.  These are exciting days in which we live when the final empire age that Daniel predicted is unfolding before our very eyes.