The Plague That Won’t Quit|

Jesus warned that in the end time’s we would have plaugues. Matthew 24:7 reads: 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines,pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. Pestilences also means plagues such as the world is now experiencing with COVID-19. While history records such plagues as the Bubonic, and the 1918 flu, we have not experienced a world wide episode until COVID. Ebola, and SARS had potential to become worldwide illnesses but did not go global. COVID on the other hand is the plague that will not quit. It is essentially having babies, meaning it is mutating into other variants.

COVID Plague Not Subsiding

In addition, the COVID plague is not subsiding. From mask wearing, shut downs, to the vaccine being rolled out to many nations, the plague still goes forward. For some it strikes them like a common cold, but for others it means long term horrific illnesses. These include brain fog and fatigue. Shortness of breath, hair loss, among others. What is just as frightening is that the illness, which is said turns your lungs to glass so to speak, also goes way beyond the lungs to the kidney’s, liver, heart and even brain in some patients.

Duration of Past Plagues

The 1918 flu lasted one to two years. The Bubonic Plague or the Black Death lasted eight years, but this was during the middle ages when medicine was primative. While one can say that the advance in travel caused COVID to spread, the advance in medicine and communication should have brought it to a halt much sooner. Instead it is not abating and nations are now seeing third waves despite the precautions and safeguards taken.

Sign of the Season

It is clear that COVID-19 is an end time plague that Jesus predicted would be a sign of the season nearing the end, or leading to the Tribulation. This negates the conspriracy theories which shockingly are mostly embraded by Evangelical Christians. Such as the Chinese deliberatly manufactured COVID in a lab. In addition to the Vaccine being the mark of the beast. Those who teach this need to read my books and get educated on all the Scripture teaches on the mark. The Vaccine is not the mark of the beast.

Plagues are From God

In the Scripture it is clear that Plagues are from God. The Revelation forecasts the unleashing of a series of plauges of God’s judgement. Those who teach that COVID is from man are taking away from the power of the word of prophecy which predicted an increase in plagues. If it is a man made one then it is not a plague that is a sign of the time.

World on Hold

It seems that the world has gone on hold since the pandemic started and in a sense it has. Other areas of prophecy that were moving forward came to a stop as the world dealt with the crisis. But as always, this event is leading to other areas of prophecy unfolding. In addition, the policies that were put on hold are now back on track. These will be discussed in the episodes to come.

What To Do In the Face of This Plague

You may be wondering what you are suppose to do in the face of this plauge. Trust God, seek Him and put Him first. It might strike you or anyone in your family. If it does ever thing that happens is for a reason and all works for our good. This is recorded in Romans 8:28 that all things work together to them for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose. Moreover the idea of events in our lives working for our good is also taught in the Old Testament. As the days are getting closer to the start of the Tribulation, and grow more difficult it is all the more reason to trust God and believe that all works for our good even when we suffer in the midst of trials or these end time plagues.