The US and Bible Prophecy: Warning For US President

Today I am going to read my letter to the President of the United States about what the United States can expect in these end times and during the Tribulation..  When I started this work over 24 years ago I came to understand information that was ahead of its time.   Once I grasped that the European Community was the final world empire foretold by Daniel the Prophet and the Apostle John,  Emotionally it felt  like I walked into the Twilight Zone. I understood what parts of end time prophecies were being fulfilled and knew how policies would yet evolve in the European Union.  While no one knows how politicians will work out the finer details or historical events which are yet to come, I understood the bigger picture.

The European Community-it was the EC then- headed under former Commission President Jacques Delors was still completing the White Paper to Complete a Common Market.  This is where each of the member countries agreed to eliminate the barriers to trade and travel  from country to country. This agreement by European Community leaders for a Common Market made the European Union the empire that it is today.  The Union at that time only had 12 members.

While the European Community members implemented the directives of the 1995 White Paper for Completing the Common market, ¬†The press screamed that the European Community would not succeed at forming their Common Market. ¬† As I was reading federalist proposals from their think tanks and also the writings from the EU‚Äôs mover and shakers at the time, It¬†didn’t¬†take a rocket scientist to see that the aim of the EU‚Äôs economic union was political, it was a first step to political union.¬† The second step the Union took, the media again screamed would fail and that was the launch of the euro, which became the world‚Äôs second largest reserve money after the dollar. The media again is screaming that the European Union‚Äôs financial crisis will end the euro and possibly end the European Union. Wrong, the European union will emerge stronger after this crisis.¬† The Maastricht treaty which established the euro did not give the currency the political teeth to it needed.¬† That is all changing and the European Union is working out those details and as a result the Union will emerge stronger as will its currency.¬† And after they do a tectonic shift will take place in the global pecking order and the EU will overtake the United States as the leading superpower. There are currently around ¬†10 or more treaties that make up the European Union along with what is called the Single European Act. They started out with three treaties and one treaty builds upon the other to iron out their wrinkles.¬†¬† The recent treaty Union leaders signed is called the Lisbon treaty.¬† There is coming ¬†another ¬†agreement and this one will give the European union its final stroke and render it a full fledged political entity. Each of the ¬†As I already stated, I ¬†knew what the Bible had to say and I knew what was ahead and the direction this thing was going. I did not know the details or the timing but I understand the big picture. ¬†¬†I can tell you from history that the media has been screaming for some time that the EU would fail at each of its¬†endeavors¬†and it has not failed.¬†¬† We know from the Bible that the EU will evolve into the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

I read an article in the Economist magazine 1992 about the US having a concern about Japan and the CIA was keeping its intelligence eye on them.  The article stated that while it was Japan the US was concerned about  it was most likely going to be knocked off its pedastle by the European Community, it was not called the European union at the time. The name was changed by the Maastricht treaty signed in 1993. The article argued that the EC would end up having the greatest say in world institutions and thus make the decisions for the world.  This did not exactly happen as the writer theorized because the world institutions did not quite no what to make of the European Union and it has been written off as an agreement among nations.   That will change and I am not only speaking as a prophecy writer but also because I follow the EU and know the proposals that are coming down the pike and I also follow its think thanks and political parties and how they want to drive the EU forward.

I knew what the future  threat to US security was going to be.  It was as the Economist stated but did not happen as soon as the writer for the economist thought, but he made a brilliant analysis none the less.

I have followed and watched as each US president republican or democrat said that a strong Europe is good for America and they want the EU to share some of the burden the US has shouldered.   Many have asked about the US in Bible Prophecy, does the Bible mention the United States.  I believe Jeremiah 6:22, states concerning the battle of Armageddon and I do believe this verse refers to Armageddon, Behold a people comes from the north country and a great nation from the farthest parts of the earth.  Verse 23 lets us know they are coming for war and will come to Jerusalem, The verse starts, “they will lay hold on bow and spear, which lets us know they come for war.  The great nation from the farthest parts of the earth I believe is the United States. It  should be noted that the US is today often referred to as a great nation.  My letter to the US president takes into account what Bible Prophecy  teaches and what purpose I believe the US will have in sending in its ships, aircraft and troops to the battle of Armageddon. ,  Here is now my message to the US President.

Dear Mr. President:

The future threat to the United States will come from the European union, Is no one in intelligence paying attention to the EU‚Äôs democratic deficit. To the institutional power balance that weighs too much power in the center, of the fact that its key decisions are made in secret. Didn‚Äôt anyone in government take note decades ago when their leaders spoke of the EU‚Äôs hoped for revival of the Roman Empire.¬†Doesn’t¬†the US get the picture that they are building an empire? Even without the Bible‚Äôs predictions, as the old saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The increase in natural disasters is not caused by global warming but it is the hand of the Almighty God and these are signs of the Lord of Hosts. More are to come and these will be significant enough to effect prices, markets, and budgets, be prepared.

Any US President is going to have a difficult time because of the perilous times we live, and which are yet ahead. I would not want your job. Pray for wisdom for your most difficult job that is before you.

A geopolitical Tectonic shift will occur in the global pecking order and the US will no longer be the world’s top banana.  With our nations deficit and the quantitative easing the dollar has been eroding as the world’s reserve, which you know allows our country to borrow at low interest rates.   Our being the world’s reserve will come to an end either via our dollar topple or because of the EU’s success at coming out of its crisis, it will solidify its political backbone and give the euro teeth, it will most likely issue its own bonds akin to our treasuries which will compete with our treasuries.   The United States will continue to partner with the EU and this partnership will deepen with the US adopting EU proposals and taking joint action.  There might even be an international currency or the US will adopt Euros and begin trading in them in the same way other countries adopted the dollar along with their currencies.

The nemesis is here, The Prince on the white horse, the son of Dan, the viper by the way, the scavenger lion. He has one focus in mind, he has one mission.¬†¬†¬† He knows what he must do. He has been appointed for his purpose he will bring this world to its end. Appointed by the Lord of Hosts, he is the wicked branch, the Son of the Morning, Lucifer, the morning star.¬† He is a man, a politician, he wears a suit, He is getting ready to take his place. You shall stand alongside him and not know him. Neither will you have eyes to see.¬† Your eyes will be dimmed by your country’s perils and its nation‚Äôs agenda.

In the interim you will partner with the EU and its future president for trade and foreign policy purposes, and you will be oblivious to the monster you are dealing with in the same way the world was in the dark to Adolph Hitler in his early years in power.  The man you will be dealing with is the Son of Satan, the Devil himself.  Israel will make a pact with him and the Bible tells us that it with Hell itself they are in agreement.

While it is predicted that one fourth of the world will die in the ruthless dictator’s conquest, I do not believe the US will be attacked because of the partnership.  Scripture tells us that when the Antichrist goes into the Nations, he gathers them as a bird gathers its chicks to its nest and they do not so much as let out a peep.  The Bible only tells us in Daniel 11: 40 that “many countries will be overthrown. We know that he enters and takes over Israel, Egypt. Libya and Ethiopia. We do not know how many other African nations The Antichrist will conquer or how many Middle East nations or even his armies will travel as far as India into South America, or Canada.

The future EU leader will ignite World War 111 and you will send your troops to the battle, which will take place in Jerusalem because the EU will control the middle east during this time and will control Israel. This is the battle of Armageddon, the Day of the Lord spoken of by the prophets of God.   You will have no choice but to go to Armageddon to defeat this beast.  You will partner with Russia in your attack. China will also join this battle.  The reason that you will go to battle is because of the beast that emerges, he will declare himself a god and will make war with many nations and go in and overthrow them.  At the rumors of yours and Russia’s and China’s attack he goes forth like a mad man.

Your troops will go to fight in the battle of Armageddon, but that battle will not only be fierce but will coincide with cataclysmic natural disasters such as an earthquake so catastrophic it will be off the Richter scale and will be felt around the world and will destroy entire cities. The sun is going to darken, and the moon will turn to blood.  At that moment Jesus will return and the world as we know it will come to its end.

This Mr. President is what is in store for the United States and what you can expect in the days ahead.

This concludes my letter to the US president, which presents a clear picture to all of you, of the United States and Bible Prophecy.

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