The Wind Cries Mary: Murders that Shook a Power Town–The Interviewing Process

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On Bible Prophecy, prior to writing the Wind Cries Mary I wrote,  The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union which I updated before publication.

When I began this work I knew that it would be my life work meaning that in addition to being my primary work, when the book would be completed the research would continue and be ongoing.

If you have come here because of the Mary Mount story please purchase the book for the detailed, minute by minute account of the crimes that shook New Canaan CT in 1969 and 1970 and look over my other books while you are at it.   In the mean time I hope that you will look over my website and I hope you enjoy it.

The Wind Cries Mary is officially for sale and you can find The Wind Cries Mary: Murders That Shook A Power Town on I am excited about the book being available in the marketplace. I will be looking forward to the feedback, thus far the feedback has been expressed as surprise that I was able to gather so much information and how did I do it.

You do it by asking a lot of questions, talking to a lot of people and by reading all of the police reports and newspaper and magazine articles. Writing this book was like painting a painting, to an artist it is seldom that they feel their work is good enough and accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. For this book as much as it does tell the story I wanted to tell, there are interviews I was not able to obtain that I would have liked to have added and I could not access any of the police reports for the Rice case because according to the State of Connecticut Rice was found not guilty of those murders by reason of insanity and the State erased the case.

I would have liked to have seen those files. The files do exist but no one by law can release them because the State erased the charges. This also means that if John Rice was still committing crimes they would not find Rice in their database of criminals living within the area.

The interviews I did not get to conduct were with Mr.Rice Sr. who died a few months before I began researching The Wind Cries Mary. I also attempted to get an interview with John Rice. Expert Criminal Profiler Greg Cooper who came onto my story acted as my coach and coached me on what to say in letters to Rice. He felt that Rice could make a contribution to society by telling his story to help law enforcement better understand how the mind of a killer works and in John Rice’s case why he so brutally murdered his family members. His murders which were committed in 1970 are still considered shocking by today’s standards.

Greg felt that he may have offered information to help prevent another John Rice. It is funny that this was Greg’s emphasis because he has recently published Predators: Who They Are and How to Stop Them which I read in about 2-3 days. It is a must read for any of you true crime buffs. In addition, Greg gives great information for one’s security by looking into the minds of the killers which he so expertly conveys.

Greg and I met in New Hampshire, he was there on official duty and we met and drove by Rice’s home and he wanted us to knock on the door and let John Rice know that we were there to talk to him about the murders of his family members. Greg was so calm and cool and I felt that it was not a wise thing do to so I refused the offer. I did not want to agitate John Rice. Greg said that it would be very hard to get him to talk because he would want to put his actions so far behind him. He felt that if we went in person we might get him to talk to us. I will never know if Greg was right because I did not go along with the idea.

I also tried to get an interview with Harold Meade, a New Haven CT serial killer who was the New Canaan Police’s best suspect. If you read in the book Greg Cooper did not favor Meade and he said why. Meades’ wife hung the phone up on me when I said what I was calling for and Meade did not answer any of my letters. He was hoping to get out on Parole so he did not want to say anything that might incriminate himself to anyone. Dave Altimari of the Hartford Courant who ran an article on Meade reported that after his article ran Mead suffered a severe beating at the hands of criminals who learned of his crimes that involved young helpless disadvantaged teenage boys and girls and young children. I still recall Lt. White telling me how the assault on petite, 5 year old Jennifer Noon was so brutal that her skull was literally split in two. Meade died this year and the details of his crimes went with him.

Now that the book is out I will look forward to your feedback. While it may seem like there is no relation to the Wind Cries Mary and my flagship Bible Prophecy work The Seat of the Antichrist : Bible Prophecy and the European Union,  it deals with a different kind of criminal who is forecast to come onto the world political scene.

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