This Interview Highlights Core Bible Prophecy News

Among my favorite radio interviews was with Gonz and Basil of Canary Cry Radio on the key points of Bible Prophecy and Bible Prophecy News.  

For this reason I have within this article the script of the Interview with Canary Cry Radio titled, “The EU and Antichrist with Erika Grey” and for those of you who prefer to listen you can just click on the link in the title.

The interview covered all of the following topics:Bible Prophecy Topics:The Antichrist,
The Beast of Revelation
The Mark of the Beast-technology-nanotechnology
The Tribulation
Death, Hades

Passages and Books of the Bible dealing with Bible ProphecyThe Book of Revelation
Book of Daniel
Revelation 17
Revelation 13
Psalm 83

Current Affairs (geopolitics in relation to Bible Prophecy i.e. Bible Prophecy News or Bible Prophecy Updates
New World Order
Age of Empires
Multi-polar world
The EU in Bible Prophecy
Islam in Bible Prophecy
The euro
The US Dollar
The US economy
The European central bank,
The federal reserve,
European federalism,
[Manuel]Barroso EU empire,
George W. Bush
Joe Biden not getting the memo
Vladimir Putin
EU democratic deficit
Lisbon Treaty
James Rickards
US Deficit
BRICS-mentioned individually Russia, China
Ukraine, Britain, Japan
The Supernatural as it relates to Bible Prophecy
Abaddon[from the book of Revelation]
Ken Johnson
Extra terrestrial
Conspiracy Theories and if they have a place in Bible Prophecy
The masons
Christopher Booker
Richard North
Basil and Gons:
Welcome to episode 69, our guest today is Erika Grey, she’s an evangelical prophecy expert, teacher and commentator. She’s considered by Yahoo and the British publication Global Watch weekly as a major geopolitical analyst and her website is where she has books, blogs, articles and even a radio broadcast. Erika focuses on current affairs, the European Union and its relation to bible prophecy and issues that affect individuals living in these last days. She is also known for her analytical approach to research. Also her sound in depth research is recognized by going to hard sources and not so much of the conspiracy type that we’re familiar with here on this show, and we’ll talk about that today.
She’s written several books, End of the World, the Revelation Prophecy, the Antichrist of Revelation 666, The Revived Roman Empire, Europe in Bible Prophecy, and The Seat of the Antichrist, Bible Prophecy and the European Union. [We] are honored to have on Erika Grey.
Gons: Erika, how you doing?
Erika Grey: Great, and thank you for having me. It’s an honor to be here as well.
Gons: Absolutely. You know we had just a little bit of behind the scenes for everybody here on the show. Well some would say that I was sleeping in and caused a delay in recording this broadcast. I would say that I was getting in the zone, doing some extra preparation. I was just doing it in the dream world, and I think that this interview is really going to glean a lot of benefit from that, but I do apologize for making you wait, Erika Grey.
Erika Grey: That’s ok, I understand.
Gons: Ok, so why don’t you start up by telling us a little bit about yourself, and kind of how you got into this stuff, what’s your inspiration?
Erika Grey : The inspiration was I became a born again Christian right before my eighteenth birthday, and of course, prophecy teachings are one of the first things that you learn and all the conspiracies. About ten years later I said to myself, you know, these things were supposed to happen, a conspiracy to take over the world, none of it had happened. So really, this just started as a bible study to see if we were in fact in the end times, and I knew that I would approach it very differently. I would approach it analytically and I would look at viable sources. So that’s how this actually began.
Gons: You’re saying as a young girl, you started researching this stuff?
Erika Grey: I was always fascinated by prophecy [bible prophecy] even before I was born again, I read the book of Revelation at about thirteen years old, and just found the writings so mysterious and so intriguing, and it was bible prophecy that lead to my salvation and then of course, as soon as I become saved, what is the pastor teaching, but the book of Revelation. So that’s how it began.
Basil: That’s awesome.
Gons: You sound very precocious as a child. Now you kind of put an extra emphasis on not being a conspiracy theorist or even considering conspiracy theories. Why so much?
Erika Grey: Because you don’t find one in Scripture. If you can, show me where any of this comes about via conspiracy. Any time prophecy [bible prophecy] was fulfilled, you look at the prophecies concerning Israel, it all happened as the events of the day were occurring.  As a matter of fact, you could almost look back when Assyria invaded Israel and Babylon invaded Israel and if you didn’t know bible prophecy, you would have just thought that was history unfolding. And it’s the same way with the end times. There is just absolutely no conspiracy that I can find in Scripture.
Gons: That’s interesting. I mean this is something that I could be taking out of context, and tell me if I am. I already looked at Psalm 83 and there’s an interesting scripture there and I realized that it is talking about perhaps some different times in the past but, Psalm 83 I believe it says, “They lay crafty plans against your people, and some translations say conspire.”  And other translations say, “with cunning they conspire against your people, they plot against those you cherish.” What do you say to stuff like that? It’s not an outright. It’s not in the prophetic sense of what we’re supposed to be looking for, but it is there.
Erika Grey: Well that actually is no different than what Adolf Hitler did. I mean, it wasn’t a conspiracy what Hitler did, but behind the scenes, it was very crafty, he was designing the final solution. A conspiracy is when you have a group of people who conspire for a government takeover or for a takeover of something and that’s what’s taught in evangelical circles and that is not what predicted in Scripture [Bible Prophecy]. But it doesn’t mean that behind the scenes, once the Antichrist is in power, he will [not] be making those plans and designs against the people of God.
Basil: Ok.
Gons: So you’re saying that the [Antichrist’s] coming , whatever the world looks like in the preparing itself for the Antichrist, you’re saying that it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just sort of the organic series of events that leads up to the Antichrist coming, there’s no group of people sort of preparing the world for his return?
Erika Grey: No. What is interesting is if you look at the Antichrist you actually find that he is the one that comes into the governmental entity that he takes power in. He raises it to its pinnacle of power. So it doesn’t even mean that the people who are necessarily in the government or fighting for that government at that time are evil, he’s evil. He is the son of Satan. If you read Daniel, he raises it to the pinnacle of power. When you also read the prophecy concerning Lucifer- you know where he brings trade and brings gold to the treasury-well that’s talking about the final world empire.  And it is Satan himself or the son of Satan. So much is on the Antichrist – he’s the deceiver, not a group of people. But he will be in league with his council of ten, who for one hour receive power with him, who he coaches along with him. But there’s not a conspiracy that’s going to bring it about [the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy].
Gons: That’s actually very interesting, that’s a good point.
Basil: That makes sense, now just out of curiosity, we’ve looked at a lot of, I know you don’t look at necessarily the fringe or supernatural or paranormal angle of a lot of these things but, and we’ll get into some more of the Mark of the Beast and the European Union and everything else, but you know there’s writings from people like Alice Bailey and you know there’s groups like the Masonic Lodge and several others. I know within the evangelical circles, talk about the Masons is a pretty big thing. You know that they’ve always discussed this quote on quote conspiracy. So what do you say to someone like Alice Bailey who wrote about this New World Order and we need to prepare the way for, and she even has a book called “The Reappearance of the Christ”,  in essence she seems to be talking about what seems to be the Antichrist from the Christian perspective, but from her perspective it’s this world leader, this world savior, and she talks about we need to set the stage we need to build the infrastructure, we need to do all these things. What do you say to something like that?
Erika Grey: A lot. You’re about to hear it. Ok, first of all, we’re not in the New World Order anymore. That was George Bush. We are now geopolitically in the Age of Empires. You don’t hear it too much by United States think-tanks. You’ll hear it more in Europe, you’ll hear it more from European politicians. The Age of Empires is actually what [the book of ]Daniel described. Daniel described geopolitically an Age of Empires, not a New World Order.
The leading empire in the Age of Empires is going to become the European Union. But- the European Union already is an empire. A self-proclaimed empire. You can go onto YouTube and you can type in Barroso, empire and you’ll find that he actually described [empire] as the makeup of the European Union. So that totally does away with the New World Order.
The second thing about the Masons is I believe that Satan is the father of lies, of disinformation, because he doesn’t want believers to know the truth. What has absolutely blown me away is that in Europe you have European federalism which drives-it’s the ideology that drives the European Union. As democracy drives the US, and as communism drives China. Federalism [drives the EU] and right now you have three potential presidents who are on a federalist platform.  The reason they’re on a federalist platform is because that is the ideology that drives the European Union. And if you read the teachings of federalism. By the way, I want to state that I am neutral politically. Because everything makes sense to me intellectually. But I understand that it is Satan and the Antichrist who comes in and perverts everything, and will misuse everything. But federalism actually wants to unite the world. And the belief is that the European Union would act as the cornerstone for uniting the globe. And the European Union’s laws are based on those of world institutions.
So while everybody is looking at the Masons and none of these conspiracies are coming about, the federalist movement [European Movement] in the European Union is so sophisticated, key leaders, key prime ministers, now you have potentially the next leader of the EU who is going to be a federalist is going to form it along those lines and they have stated their goal long ago was to act as the cornerstone for uniting the world because they believe that if the world is united, there will be no more wars. And that’s your wine in the cup of the Whore of Revelation 17.
This idea that the brotherhood of man, that we can have this ideal society, that we have this teaching- so that totally refutes.[conspiracy theories] And you can go on. Just study, read their writings, read about how national sovereignty is outmoded. Read about key leaders that belong to it. You can become a federalist by the way. Anyone can become a federalist. You go online and you join, actually I’m followed on Twitter by certain federalists.
 It is the Antichrist who comes in and then takes this thing [the European Union] and then turns it. You know he’s the deceiver.  He comes in, he’ll come into the European Union, he’s going to build it up, nations are going to prosper, people are going to be happy, and then at the three and a half year mark, he [the Antichrist] steps into that temple [third Jewish temple] and he reveals who he really is and all of a sudden everything turns upside down. And then God’s judgements [outlined in the book of Revelation] are completely unleashed.
Basil: I was just going to jump in and ask- because it seems like from my perspective and some of the things I’ve studied- the ideology that you talk about of this globalization and the ending of wars and all these things, it was the same ideology that the New World Order possessed and that they’ve been talking about that for a long time. Do you think there’s sort of an internal within the global elite? An eternal battle or war or race so to speak, to see who can create that order or establishment first or is it kind of organic? That’s the first part of the question, second part is do you think this idea of globalization that’s really going on itself is not necessarily evil but perhaps just the platform of which the Antichrist can take hold.
Erika Grey: It’s absolutely- It’s going to be the platform. Because if you read the writings of the federalists, they really believe this is for the betterment of society. But he [the Antichrist] will take that platform. Just like technology, he [the Antichrist] is going to use technology for his police state. That would not happen with any of the empires right now. But we know he’s going to use it, and he’s [the Antichrist] going to use it to control people.
But as far as federalism, I think the thing that is so shocking to me is how so many people really don’t understand it. And yet the writings are everywhere. Key federalist think -tanksformulated European Union policy. And you have now a backlash in the European Union over federalism and you have some parties that have just taken hold. But it’s been very dominant through the European Union’s evolution, and actually they make US globalists look like pansies. And US globalists just kind of seem to- it is the way things are going- but it’s not as sophisticated. Go into some of the [their] writings and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They are published in Italy, they are published in Belgium.
Basil: Now I have a quick question and I hate to take a step back if that’s indeed what this is, but you had mentioned that the New World Order is old news. And that that was the area of George W. Bush, but now we’re moving into this new thing. In what way was the New World Order a part of the scene? Was it existent with George W. Bush? Have they just shifted their focus now, or?
Erika Grey: No what’s happened is George W. Bush was the first one who coined the phrase. And at that time it was a New World Order, because you had the fall of communism.
Gons: Is she dropping out Basil?
Basil: Yeah she’s dropping out. Erika, you dropped out a couple times, are you still there?
Erika Grey: Yeah is this better?
Gons: Yeah
Erika Grey, Ok right now we’re in what’s a called a multi- polar world. You have China. You have Brazil, India. Those countries were not as powerful, were not as powerful economically, not as big. So we’re in what is actually called a multi- polar world. You have- that’s formed since that time. The European Union right now is five hundred and fourteen million citizens. And it’s actually the world’s largest economy- to the US’s 312 million citizens. So it’s a different world than it was about 20 years ago. Countries- we formed along with Canada, you know the trade agreement, different trade agreements and different things that have actually shifted. And one of the things I talk about is that we’re going to have another geopolitical shift and what you’re going to see is you’re going to see- the EU rise to power as the US continues to decline.  And I’m anticipating that at some point we are going to see the US Dollar cease to be the world’s reserve.
Basil: Right. And yeah, we’ve actually already seen that starting to happen with certain countries completely selling out their dollars. Now again, I just want to thoroughly hit this situation with the New World Order sort of slipping away, as you say it is and has been doing. We just on our last- Biden had mentioned that -the Vice President of the United States here again mentioned a New World Order, and building a New World Order in a speech just recently. Has he not gotten the memo? I think if anybody didn’t get the memo I think its Biden. [Joe Biden]
Erika Grey: Exactly. I’m going to be so bold as to state that the US is the last people to know. Even when you read the think-tanks coming out of the United States or the media, the US media concerning the European Union is so ignorant.
 The United States is ignorant. for instance, I wrote an article for BlogActiv eu, it’s a European Union policy website, [Euractiv] and I have a  blog there and I wrote an article about what Putin [Vladimir Putin] is not telling the media. And actually the conflict in the Ukraine was the first conflict in the Age of Empires. And if you looked at Ukraine, which is a border country for Russia, and you look at how big the EU has already become, and now if it went into Ukraine, which is exactly what the EU was looking to do to- not only form an association agreement but eventually have the Ukraine become a member of the European Union. And you have Ukraine, which is the second largest land mass in Europe- and -Russia had no choice. That was a geopolitical move that Russia had to make and it was your first conflict in the Age of Empires. That was actually empire to empire. Russian empire, European Union Empire, and the US is in the dark about this, and this is about that.
And it’s like from the standpoint of Russia, what Russia did made a lot of sense. And now Russia has just formed another, actually economical pact, because they’re paying attention to what’s going on in Europe. Putin is paying attention to what’s going on. I don’t think the US is. I don’t think the US has paid attention for some time. They still think that we’re in the old order, they still think that the US is deciding things and they’re not paying attention. And what I’m giving you is facts concerning the numbers.
 I just interviewedJames Rickards, and he’s an absolutely brilliant man. He’s an economist. He wrote the Death of Money, which is an excellent book, and actually I stated that it could be a companion book for my own. We had a discussion- and he consulted the US Pentagon, Wall Street 35 years, I mean he’s got credentials like it’s nobody’s business- and he stated, basically what was in line with what I’m stating. He actually stated that,” Europe is doing everything right,” and once the EU issued its own bonds akin to US treasuries, if the US dollar doesn’t topple, we’re going to see at that point the euro[become the world’s reserve currency] just by virtue of it making all the right decisions.
And by the way, he also likes the European Central Bankvs the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve he treats as a bunch of cowboys, concerning their monetary policy. But, it was interesting, because here you have myself, a prophecy expert. And when he sites his expertise, he was a John Hopkins honor student, like I said he’s got credentials like it’s nobody’s business and we both agree that we’ve both now come to the same place. And I got to tell you something, if I was a conspiracy theorist, that man would have not have given me the right time of day.
Basil and Gons: That’s a good point. That is a good point, yeah.
Erika Grey: And I don’t give anybody who’s a conspiracy theorist the right time of day. Because, and I hate to sound critical, and I’m about to sound critical, but it just sounds very ignorant.
Gons: Well we must be very ignorant people. I’m just kidding.
Erika Grey: Well because unfortunately within the evangelical circles a lot of the people who have been teaching, I mean you’re a production person and you’re doing different things. That’s not your field, so who are you relying on but the teachers within the evangelical community. A lot of the teachers, they aren’t journalists, they were theologians. So they’re taking little bitty news headlines and then they’re forming [conclusions]. And then when the news headlines, when they didn’t have the headlines,  the conspiracy theories, that fills all the gaps, and you don’t have to do any real research because the conspiracies going to make it all happen.
Basil and Gons: Right. Sure. Those are valid, definitely valid points, and you know, I think we all sort of deal with that. Gons and I definitely deal with that. Yeah on a daily basis. So I appreciate the way you do things and I think it’s refreshing even though the ends that you mention, you know, aren’t as talked about as probably they should be. Paying enough attention to the EU.
Erika Grey: well that’s why the Lord has me doing what I’m doing right now. I’m that voice.
Basil: No it’s very very good and its good we got you on here. I don’t think we’ve had a good solid geopolitical talk on this show in quite a while. Speaking of which, how do you see radical Islam sort of playing into this?   Is that a key factor in what’s going on? Because I know Europe is having a lot of problems right now with the Islamic, well I guess we’re all having problems with the [radical] Muslim’s.
Erika Grey: I see it falling in of course with the end times. And when I say with the end times, just the atrocities and different things that go on within their communities. But as far as geopolitically, sadly now the evangelical camp is splitting into those who are looking at Europe and those who believe that Babylon is talking about literal Babylon and that the Antichrist is going to be Islamic. And I think that that’s really tragic, it’s more disinformation, but [Bible Prophecy] really doesn’t view Islam really different from any other religion. Of course it’s going to present problems, I believe it will lead potentially to this peace treaty, the big treaty that starts the Tribulation. But the Antichrist, [is the] one, he establishes himself as God, he’s not only going to go after the people of God, he’s also going to go after all religion. As a matter of fact, the internet during that time will most likely be censored, and your program and my information is not going to be found.
Basil and Gons: Yeah, we’re surprised that people can even find us now.
Erika Grey: Exactly. But there will be censorship, he’ll censor at that point. I mean it’s just common sense he’s going to censor, I mean China has censored, we know the Antichrist will censor at that point.
But that’s how I view it.[concerning radical Islam] I don’t view it as any more, its conflict that’s going to lead [to the peace treaty]. But I don’t view it as having any precedence as far as the final world empire. And I actually had people very upset with me that I wouldn’t turn to their view.
Basil and Gons: Concerning radical Islam?
Erika Grey: Concerning that radical Islam is going to launch the Antichrist. The Antichrist is coming from the tribe of Dan, and that’s very clear in Scripture [in Bible Prophecy]. And I talk about that a lot, the battle.[between God and Satan, Christ and the Antichrist] there’s many many comparisons, parallels, Jesus [is] from the tribe of Judah, He is the pride lion, and the Antichrist is the scavenger lion and he rises from the tribe of Dan. So there’s a whole teaching, and teachings that I’ve taught on it.
Basil and Gons: Right. Sure. You know we’re all inundated with so much news coming out of the Middle East and also Europe, with the Ukraine and just everywhere. It’s not a new thing, but something we’re just all sort of used to now, but in the whole jumble of headlines, are there certain things we should be watching out for? That we can see things moving along or progressing? Or is all the important stuff kind of being hidden away?
Erika Grey A Lot of the important stuff people are not paying attention too.  And one of the things that’s key right now is are you aware that there’s elections in Europe? That is taking place? No?
Basil and Gons: Yeah I wasn’t aware of that.
Erika Grey: Ok. So they’re going to be picking a new head of the Commission. And that definitely needs to be watched. The direction Europe is going to continue to take needs to be watched. Europe is going to issue these bonds, you want to keep watching that the European Union is going to keep going forward.
We already know that it’s going to go forward, I don’t even need to say that we have to watch it but it’s getting so close now that we can actually gauge different things.  And you’re going to see them go forward with a core group, which by the way they’ve already talked about doing as well– going forward with a core group, because it’s too difficult to make decisions with 28 members right now. So they want to go forward with a core group, which we already know is going to end up being 10 nations. So I watch Europe’s headlines.
 You also want to watch the US economy, and the US dollar. If the US dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve, because of its own reckless policies it will happen via geopolitical evolution, as I talked about earlier.  So I tend to watch those headlines and also I think what’s getting really frightening is what’s happening to society. The violence. We’re literally seeing the powers of heaven and hell be unleashed. I mean the natural disasters, breaking records, you know continuously now and along with that we’re also seeing different things going on in society that were just unheard of. I mean Christians now really need to be praying for protection in all of this.
Basil and Gons: Sure, right, yeah. Now, I just wanted to kind of get a glimpse into what you’re thinking about the sort of empirical state of the EU.   Things that empires do, is expand. Now if the EU is just that, the European Union, how do you see it expanding to be a global government?
Erika Grey: Once its currency [the euro] becomes the world’s reserve and it will then have a lead. Once it unites federally it will have a leading say in world institutions. Once it has the say in world institutions, then of course, it will, under the Antichrist go into the global government.
Basil and Gons: So more of an economic pull beginning there and then sort of turning into a policy influencer and then from there the Antichrist comes in and do you imagine it being like how a lot of people think of the New World Order? Like a, just an over larking big brother, police on the streets, drones flying into your bedroom at night type of situation or is this..
Erika Grey: Oh, you’re talking about midway through the Tribulation?
Basil and Gons: I’m just talking about the evolution of how this goes.
Erika Grey: We’ve already seen the evolution and you’re seeing that [with] the IMF — my interview with James Rickards discussed this. The IMF is already preparing for the potential fall of the dollar. He was stating that they had a meeting, he assumed that this had taken place and this is beginning to take place.
As far as midway through the tribulation, I did a piece on the Mark of the Beast, and I state that it’s actually going to be more than a payment system. You have adapted brain interface where now they can direct your thoughts. And it’s now come to where companies are looking for little kids who have games where they can think a thought and they can move a toy. It’s getting that wide spread. So I believe the Mark of the Beast is not just going to be a payment system, it’s going to be something where he is actually going to be able to put his thoughts into you. Because remember, he mimics Jesus Christ, and he mimics God, and the Holy Spirit speaks to us as believers.
So it’s [the Mark of the Beast] not just going to be a technology that has your information, it’s going to be a technology where he is going to control you. And there’s another technology that I just read about, the name is on the tip of my tongue, I can’t remember, but I think it was Motorola who has a tattoo, and you’re tattooed with this thing now and it can read your thoughts just based on your vocal cords. Because when you think a thought it vibrates your vocal cords. So it’s really frightening.
Remember Daniel talks about the Antichrist honoring a god of forces who had never been honored before. And I believe who he’s going to honor is technology. Because he’s going to use it for his police state.
Basil and Gons: Sure, absolutely. Along the way, if we could take a step back real quick on some issues that you brought up. can you give us a little run down, and I know that we should have probably done this at the beginning, but just your outlook on how the EU was formed and how it has gotten to where it is now. because there is a book I’m sure you’re familiar with by Christopher Booker and Richard North, it’s called The Great Deception and they actually talk about, you know they’re not talking conspiracy theory they’re talking more conspiracy fact in terms of you know how the European Union was able to get into terms for example, great Britain, and how there were lies that were said by the leaders of Britain in order to sort of subdue the people into accepting the EU coming in and stuff like that. Can you comment on how the EU got started and perhaps how it’s gotten to where it’s gotten now. A still short brief subsistence of their history.
Erika Grey: Again, I don’t view anything as conspiracy because it’s really been very out in the open. but, it started at the end of World War II when they combined the steel and coal production figuring that if they brought the steel and coal production of France and Germany, it would eliminate war because now you’re starting an alliance. And the six members joined.
What’s interesting is at the time of the formation of the European Community, you also had Israel becoming a nation. so not only do you have Israel becoming a nation which was key to [Bible] prophecy, but you also have the birth of the final world empire, the revival of Rome, the prophet Daniel had talked about. Some of the founding fathers had been part of the resistance against Nazi Germany and against what was going on. So this really made sense to them. They really believed that this was the right thing to do. And at the time, it was also certain British. There’s a think tank that actually comes out of Britain that helped form the EU. But you also had the British who didn’t like the idea, didn’t want to join it.
What happened is through the ages, its evolution was sort of slow, and then in the 90’s they did [completed] the Common Market. Now a lot of the media at the time said the common market. Now the common market was a bunch of directives so that they could travel and do business freely between nation and nation. And a lot of people said it would not succeed and it succeeded. And that really was what put the EU on the map. Then started the various treaties to begin to give it a political identity. You see because through its evolution, the aim has always been political.
Again, with the launch of the euro, all of your experts were stating, and by the way, the experts were there in the time of Jeremiah when Jeremiah was saying that Babylon was going to come and invade Israel. You had the experts and prophets of the day saying, he’s totally wrong, Israel is going to defeat Babylon. Well today we have the same experts as well and they’re coming off and they were saying that the euro is going to fail and within a couple of years it was the second reserve currency.
This is the evolution of the European Union. When they went to form their constitutional treaty, that didn’t go through. And then eventually they got the Lisbon treaty through. So that was a little bit of a setback. But you see the EU just progress forward and forward and forward. You’re going to see it, even despite the nationalist and populists who have gotten in seats in the European Parliament in this little backlash going on, you’re still going to see the EU go forward because that’s what bible prophecy tells us.
Bazzel and Gons: Sure Sure. But there is an element of Bible Prophecy that really talks about deception. And that there’s going to be a lot of deception and just to quote Christopher Booker and Richard North from the book The Great Deception, talking about the EU they say here as early as Peter McMillan, Britain’s political leaders were perfectly well aware that this was far more than just a trading block. To be a super national organization which would relive national governments of much of their power. But to admit as much, they knew would never wash with the people as proudly independent because of the British.
So over the years European integration has always been sold by successful British governments to their electors as an economic issue over as a political one. Do you agree with that? Is that something that you know was a deception?
Erika Grey: I disagree. I disagree with that because I was, before the internet I started my research. And I was actually getting a lot of my information right from the government publications as well as the think tanks and their different papers.
I was reading what the leaders were saying at that time and it was pretty obvious, and out in the open that they said that they wanted, that this was a political, their intent was political. So there was nothing secret about that. And that’s why when I talk about the US government I’m surprised. In 1992, the US was very worried about Japan, because Japan was growing very strong economically and we were worried that Japan was going to pose a threat and The Economist came out and said that the US is worried about Japan, they should be worried about the European, well at the time it was the European Community. Because they said if this thing goes forward and it continues to grow, they’re going to end up having the leading say in world institutions. So I guess I disagree with them because it’s not been a secret, it’s actually been out in the open.  And there was a publication called European Affairs, The Federalists Trust writings, I mean it’s all been there. It’s not been a secret.
Basil and Gons: Right. So do you think that the people, for example, in Great Britain, that they were aware that they may be giving up there–= their national sovereignty in the process?  Was that something that was understood or do you think it was out in the open but people just didn’t pay attention to the minutia?
Erika Grey: No, they don’t pay attention and they still don’t pay attention. If you looked at the elections, and you looked at the likes on you’re talking leading candidates for who’s going to take over this five hundred and fourteen million populated empire, and you are seeing 12 thousand likes on their Facebook pages, 20 thousand likes, I think Martin Schultz had the most likes at 105 thousand. You’ve got five hundred and fourteen million citizens. I believe it’s about a million something voters. I was looking at the debate, when the debate took place. A major debate with the candidates and you had like, 50 views? I was shocked. So no, nobody’s paying attention. And according to some of the poles, they’re not paying attention in Europe to what’s going on.
Basil and Gons: Sure sure. But do you agree that there is deception? Paul talks about it a lot. You know there’s various scriptures that talk about don’t be deceived, Matthew 24, Jesus talks about that.
Erika Grey: Yes, the Antichrist. Ok the Antichrist, here’s what’s going to happen. He’s going to look at this thing, and he’s going to say whoopee. Ok? I’m going to play the part, and I’m going to act like everybody else. Because he sees the potential of turning it into his dictatorship. And that’s what I talk about in my book. You see there’s a democratic deficit in the EU. And that’s one of the things the federalists want to work out and people are talking about. That’s why they did the elections a little bit differently. And you actually do have too much power in the center.
Now in the hands of the wrong person, which we already know who he is because the Bible [Bible Prophecy] tells us about him, yes. But is there deception in things that go on, yes that’s human nature, but I don’t see it to the point of a conspiracy. That’s not to say- the only thing the bible talks about is once the ten kings get with the Antichrist, then yes, what is going to go on behind those doors, nobody’s going to know about and is probably going to feel the effects of. Because we can see that that would happen then, but not in the launch of this thing. It’s really been pretty out in the open.
Basil and Gons: Sure. And just to clarify as well, you know I think it’s important to make this point and I want to see what your thoughts are. We do talk about conspiracy theories and things like that but I think both Basil and I, and a lot of people in this community and a lot of our listeners, they understand that it’s not necessarily, you know the details of the Masons and stuff is interesting material, but it’s not really the point.
 You know, as far as I’m concerned, it’s sort of, for lack of a better phrasing, it’s sort of a spiritual conspiracy. A spiritual level of the supernatural level, there’s something going on where people are being deceived to build this thing. Again, like you mentioned, it does sound like a good thing. we’re going to tear down national barriers, we’re going to merge, it’s going to be this utopia type of scenario, that’s been in my research anyway, it’s been something that’s been idealized for centuries upon centuries. It’s not something that’s new. In my opinion it’s become much quicker. There’s been a quickening because of the technology and the communication that’s come about in the last century and a half or so. But what would you say to that?
It’s not necessarily the Masons themselves. You know because we can tell it’s not just the Masons trying to take over the world or anything like that. But that there has been this sort of spiritual deception going on in order to build up too. And it’s sort of allowed, right? God’s sort of allowing this to happen.
Erika Grey: Yes, it’s actually a modern tower of Babel if you think about it. This is actually Babel revived. And they actually used a building, their main building actually is a symbol of that. But yes, exactly, this is all. I think the thing that’s so wild about this, is it looks like it’s just politics as usual, but you’re absolutely right. It’s the Devil, its Satan bringing this into being. And you see in Revelation 17, or you see with the destruction of Babylon, the kings are actually upset. You know because they drank the wine in the cup of the whore. Another words they believed that this was going to be a solution. And now it’s not.
Once he [the Antichrist] stands in that temple, he is going to seek to annihilate Israel, but he is also going to be going into various nations at that point. He [the Antichrist] is going to run amuck. He is going to spark Armageddon. And I believe the one citation, Jeremiah 6:22, which talks about the king of the north, which I believe at that point is referring to Russia, and a great nation from the sides of the earth, and I believe that is the US. I believe that verse is talking about our going to Armageddon. We’re going to have no choice, China’s going to have no choice, Russia’s going to have no choice. Because he [the Antichrist] is going to be so strong, and so powerful. And now he’s running like a muck. And nobody’s going to have a choice, and I believe he’s going to ignite Armageddon and that will be the catalyst of what brings everybody to the Middle East. Which he [the Antichrist] will then set up as his headquarters.
Basil and Gons: Sure. Now I want to jump into a little bit of the technology side of it because that’s an area that we’re pretty familiar with here on the show. We’ve talked a lot about transhumanism and those things. And I want to get your opinion, on again the supernatural aspects of some of the things we read about in Revelation.
But the EU does have quite a bit of influence in some of the developing technologies. If I’m not mistaken, there is a horizon 20/20. It’s one of the biggest EU and renovation programs ever. And their spending a hundred billion dollars over the next seven years their trying to develop, you know, further the technologies of 3d printing, medical robotics and nanotechnology and they’ve applied 2 million dollars to the human brain project. The EU enhance project. They developed, well what their trying to do is develop the augmented learning development to create a different educational platform. You know, based on things like role playing games and video game settings that we’re so familiar with now a days.
What other sorts of areas does the EU touch as far as the technology that’s being built as of right now and the infrastructure of all this?
Erika Grey: I’ve seen some of what you’re talking about. And I just want to touch on two things. Right now in digital technology, they’re behind. And that’s one of the things that’s going to be changed with the next Commission is they’re going to have a common market with the digital technologies and that of course is going to make Europe stronger. Will definitely make them stronger economically. But as far as, yes, they are into those programs.
And what I point out in my book is we know that the Antichrist is going to have access to these technologies, and he has to be in a position where he authorizes them. And that’s exactly the Commission what it does. It’s tied up, it funds those programs and it does authorize them. But I’ve looked at some of that.
 I believe that the beast image that’s spoken of in Revelation 13 is actually going to be a clone. And that God is going to allow the False Prophet to breathe life into it. And notice he doesn’t breathe the breath of life, he doesn’t breathe a soul. He’ll be able to breathe life into it like it’s an animal. You know animals have life. They have a breath of life without having a soul. So notice in that verse. But I believe that’s part of what-who knows what we’re going to see. What’s this things going to be. I believe it could potentially be a clone of himself [the Antichrist] and who knows how he’s going to use technology for his police state.
Basil and Gons: Right, the theory that I present in my film is that the Beast [of Revelation] is actually some form of an achieved contents of artificial intelligence. And from that it’s able to submit the Mark of the Beast around the world.
Erika Grey: Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Exactly.
Basil and Gons: Yes, and I talked about the global brain, and you touched on that a little bit but there’s this whole concept of the noosphereand people as far back as 15 hundred years ago, there’s a gentleman named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  who was a priest, who talked about this whole idea of a noosphere and idea of, creating this sort of high minded society. Andi believe that this is part of it.
There was another researcher recently, Dick Pieteri who’s actually a commentator on technology who said that we’re creating a global brain and each human is going to be an active neuron and all of our blogs are neural pathways and the internet is basically becoming this, effectively a net. A net that’s going to become our noose essentially. So all these things are, and there’s a few of us in this sort of fringe community of Christians that are looking into these topics. Because you’re not going to find a conversation on transhumanism and a global brain as it pertains to Bible Prophecy on your typical Sunday morning. But I do believe it’s important.
So what do you think the Mark of the Beast is going to be? How do you think that’s going to be? You mentioned it a little earlier. Is it just going to be something, is it a microchip? Is it just literally a mark? We have acquaintances and fellow researchers who believe that there’s going to be a change in our genetic structure to the point where we’re no longer human. And therefore, that the people who have the mark, there’s just no mercy for them.  What are your thoughts?
Erika Grey: What’s going [to happen], just what you said. It’s going to be the super brain that’s going to connect you to him [the Antichrist]. And I believe those other technologies. He’s going to honor this God.  And we already know the god he’s going to honor is technology. So of course he is going to go into all of those areas. I don’t know how far they’ll be developed. But I do know what you’ve stated about what’s in your film that makes a lot of sense. Because you can’t just, if you think about it, God is not just going to damn you to hell because of a payment system. A payment system can’t do that. It’s something that connect you, and it has to be a technology that connects you to him [the Antichrist]. And that’s exactly where technology is now going. But I’m actually working on an interesting [report]on the Mark of the Beast. I’m actually just doing a whole piece on Revelation 13:18. And so I’ll have some revelations on that [verse] and on decoding it [the Mark of the Beast]. It’s not going to be easy. It’s just a matter of counting the number of his name. And I spend the whole time on this- [entire report] Here is wisdom and what does that mean. And some of the [findings are] actually pretty frightening.
Basil and Gons: Sure sure. I know that as far as the number 666, I remember reading part of your commentary on your website I think that had talked about, I believe Daniel chapter 3 where Nebuchadnezzar builds an image out of gold that had 60 cubits and 6 cubits wide and there’s your 66.
Just to add to that, we had doctor Ken Johnson on a few episodes ago and he had mentioned that along with the 60 cubits high and the 6 cubits wide, it’s interesting to know that in Daniel 3:7, there are 6 instruments that are mentioned that are going to play the music that is basically going to call for the worship of the people who are there, and if you don’t, you’re sent to the furnace so to speak.
 And again, going back to the global brain that it’s kind of like, those who don’t take on the mark {of the beast] and become a part of this system are going to be seen as a kind of virus. And be eliminated. You know, you’re not going to be a part of this great new thing we’re putting together? Well you know you’re kind of in the way.
Erika Grey well Jesus actually, it’s really frightening. If you look at what Jesus talks about, and actually I’m going to be doing a blog on that as well. It’s a police state. Its father’s turning over their own children, children turning over their own parents. It’s a police state. And then anybody who defies it is going to be murdered.
And mentioning [the book of] Daniel, and one of the things that I state, and I know I’m the only person who stated this, is Daniel is actually written for the Tribulation saints. That is actually a book written for them. And Jesus is actually speaking at the end of the book. And that whole fiery furnace and the ten days and the ten days of Revelation I’ve written on. But that fiery furnace is those who are living during that time.
But as far as the head of gold, I’ve got another theory on decoding the [mark of the] beast. And it has to do with currency. We see a lot of that having to do with currency. And I think it’s going to have to do [with the mark of the beast]
One of the things with James Rickards talked about of why he likes the euro, is that the euro right now is backed by more gold than the United States. And as a currency, he talks about it potentially becoming a standard. And we also see that in the book of, believe its Ezekiel who predicts that the Antichrist is going to bring gold into his treasuries. So I’m wondering if the currency that he’s going to use at that time will be backed on gold, and have something to do with the number. Something about the gold reserves or the amount of gold. And yet if you code that number, you now have 666. So I’m playing with some of those things. It’s just a theory, it’s just a thought. But I’m working on it and it’s coming out pretty interesting as far as the whole numbering, and why the Antichrist is a number. Did you ever think about why he’s a number and not a name? And do you realize he’s the only one who has a number?
Basil and Gons: Yeah, we’ve speculated on various aspects of that. but I’ve heard, and this is right off the top of my head, I don’t have any source or anything in front of me like that, but I have heard and read somewhere along the internet scavenging that there’s a number of seats, and I can’t remember if it was the United Nations or perhaps it was the EU where seat number 666 is not occupied.
Erika Grey: yes, that. I double checked that, that’s a misconception. There 700 and something seats, and 666 is occupied.
Basil and Gons: Ok it is occupied.
Erika: but what is interesting is that they meet on the, I believe its the EU Commission is on the 13th floor. So that is a fact that they’re on the 13th floor. But as far as 666. As I said I am working on it now, it’s quite a bit of information and it’s really going to give you, it’s going to open your eyes about why the number for a name. And something that I know has not been taught yet so it’s always kind of fun to write something that has not been taught.
Basil and Gons: Sure. So I want to shift gears a little bit and get into, I guess the supernatural aspect of all of this. And we touched on it a little bit, but we talked about Genesis 6 on the show a lot. And I don’t know if you’re familiar with Nephilim and how their influence has been kind of kept hidden, or just not really well understood throughout the bible. They seem to pop up quite a bit in the Old Testament. The sons of God, the identity of who they are. And just speculation on who they are and what they were doing and why the flood and are they returning. And there’s all kinds of speculation now a days. Some probably more a little bit level headed than others about what’s going on today.
 Do you see any? Have you looked into any of that? Is there any ties with the European Union or just the whole geopolitical climate right now that has anything to do with that?
Erika Grey: I believe that we’re seeing the supernatural right now. I mean, you’re seeing the powers of heaven and hell unleashed. I saw a video of this disturbed- I mean you’re just seeing- it was a disturbed male and you could just tell this guy was indwelt. I mean we’re already beginning to see things.
As far as they went into, they actually had sex with women, you’ve heard of some of that as well, they call them [incubus]. You know there was a movie made about that, [a woman] she claimed that a demon was raping her.  So yeah I believe that we are seeing the forces of heaven and hell right now being unleashed. But while you are seeing the forces of hell unleashed, you are also seeing the forces of heaven being unleashed.
Basil and Gons: Sure yeah absolutely. So do you believe that there is going to be a sense of revival of people healing and doing supernatural acts?
Erika Grey: Yes, because Jesus predicts that. I believe we are going to see more of the supernatural as time goes on. Yes.
Basil and Gons: Cool and then how about, I’m just going to throw this in there, how about UFO’s?
Erika Grey: I believe that UFO’s are Satan’s angles. I believe that those are-you’re seeing demons. Those are demons at work. That’s what I believe about them. They’re part of that world.
Basil and Gons: Cool. Yeah we tend to agree with side of there. So what about you know, as far in revelation we hear about the opening of the abyss and Abaddon coming out. Have you worked out kind of a timeline? I have some thoughts on how those things might unfold?
Erika Grey: I know that once he [the Antichrist] stands in the temple, actually you’re going to see the plagues beginning. You’re also going to have at the start, you’re really going to see nation go against nation. Because the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse starts with a lot of violence. You’re going to see animals killing people. It says the beasts as well. But that’s all a part of it.
And by the way, Death is a principality. Death is one of the principalities that Paul talks about. We also see Death and Hades in the Revelation. And Hades is a principality. Abaddon, he’s locked up and of course he’s released. But you also have Death who is released. And Death. And I’ve researched in Scripture, and you really don’t see that death is considered a principality. But it is. And death has a face. Death came in at the garden. He is a principality. He is one of the principalities that Paul the apostle talked about. But death and hades. Andi believe that they came in at the garden with the fall, because now they ate of the bread of life is Jesus, the water of life. Instead they ate the fruit of the devil which brought in this death, and then death emerged, who was this principality. Andi also believe when you see anything with a skull, or you see anybody celebrating death in anyway, those are demons that are under death.
Erika Grey: No actually I haven’t. I am following right now the politics and the economics mostly of the European Union. And of course anything with technology. But as far as that i think they’re working on other things right now. I don’t see anything in the media.
Basil and Gons: Ok, yeah I’m just curious. Because they have been looking into this concept of a secret space program and potentially these elite so to speak have or have come across these technologies that are quite a bit advanced. I mean the secularists say extraterrestrial, I would say fallen angel technology that may have been around for a long time. And it sort of starts to make sense that our generation, the last hundred years technology has exploded. And where is all of that information coming from? And how are all these people coming up with these ideas? And there’s speculation on that. It’s difficult to really pin down.
But I’m just curious because if there is some sort of ties with space, and there’s interesting theories and stuff out there about what’s on the moon. We’ve done an episode about what’s on the moon and mars and potential things going on there. And how would that affect the Christians.
Erika Grey Actually what we really see is the Antichrist rising the EU to it pentacle of power and economics. So I believe that really a lot of emphasis is going to be on that and technology is going to play into that. I’m not sure about the space. That takes a lot of dollars. He’s probably going to put his dollars elsewhere, I could be wrong. But I just see it mostly going on, right now in economics. Because technology spears economic growth.
Basil and Gons: Sure. What about like black budget programs? I guess in America anyway we’ve seen trillions of dollars just kind of disappear. And a lot of people speculate that they’re funding black projects. Do you think that there’s something going on there? Is it more to what could potentially happen with the European Union? Where is the European Union? How’re they getting their money? How is it? Are they just controlling the- global- globe? What going on with their money?
Erika Grey: Well they have a budget. And I believe the next leader is going to increase the budget so that they can do more. But they have a budget. And they’re looking to increase it. It’s actually small in comparison to the US budget. And they’re going to increase that. We can also expect to see increases in their budget and all of the things that we know are going to happen to bring about the end. Because we know the EU is going to rise to become very powerful.
Basil and Gons: Right, sure sure. Ok so is there anything else Basilyou want to say?
Basil: Well I was going to say we’re coming to the end of our time here, and I wanted to let you, Erika, if there was anything that we have failed to ask you about this whole time, just wishing and hoping that we would address a certain situation or a certain question before we close out here. What is that? What is burning on your heart to get out there?
Erika Grey: I think we’ve covered quite a bit. We’ve been chatting over an hour. And you guys asked all kinds of great questions, and I believe-
Bazzel: And you had some great answers.
Erika Grey: Thank you.
Basil: and you believe? You believe that you’ve communicated all that you can in this hour?
Erika Grey: Yes.
Basil: Ok. Alright well Erika, Erika Grey, thank you so much for coming on the show today. If you guys are interested on reading more of Erika Grey’s material and sort of diving more into her meticulous research you can go to, is that correct?
Erika: exactly. I have secular blogs, but it has my bible prophecy updates, my books, everything is there. 
Basil: Make sure to go to then. That e r i k a g r e y .com.
Erika Grey: thank you.
Basil: Alright Erika Grey, thank you so much for coming on the show and we hope to have you on again soon. Make sure to let us know when you’ve got some new and exciting things to tell all of our listeners.
Erika Grey: Ok, great. Thank you Basil and Gons it was great to be here today. I’ll look forward to doing this again.
Erika Grey emailed Bonz right after the show and told him that when he asked her if there was anything else she wanted to say that she wanted to emphasize  she said that she regretted that she did not When you asked if there was anything else i regret that I did not conclude with, “if you do not know Jesus now is the time to come to know him as Lord and Savior and if you are a Christian and not sold out to Jesus and serving Him now is the time to get your life right because the time is short. Erika believes that Christians must make every minute count and not waste any more of their time because there is not much time left. Gonz replied that he was in the process of editing and would try to include it and he did, he relayed the message at the conclusion of this broadcast. 

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