US Media Butchers EU News-An Example

This article is adapted from the script from the video that is found below the article.

 In that many Bible Prophecy teachers correlate Bible Prophecy to current events, and also erroneously exclusively rely on New’s headlines for their information on current world events, I thought it a good idea to expose the errors in the US News media regarding the European Union.  

There will be more of these videos to come.  Meanwhile, if you are a Bible Prophecy watcher this article and video will show you that not everything that is in print is accurate.  What is shocking about Newsweek article is that the expert who wrote the piece is from a US Think-tank.

Today I’m going to show you how the European Union is butchered in US News and this is why for a long time now I do not rely on the US media as my source for EU news but prefer sources from the EU for EU news. The article that I am going to take apart today is titled, Merkel isolated and under pressure needs American help.
Something tells you right then and there that there is going to be something wrong with this article because I can tell you one thing that the last thing Angela Merkel is going to look for within the EU is American help. But this is an opinion piece in Newsweek so that will give them a little bit of leeway because it’s not their regular posted article.  An opinion piece in Newsweek is different than a blog on a Blogger site. In Newsweek the standard is much higher and they are more selective on who they have writing their opinion pieces.
The author’s name is Damon Wilson and he comes from the Atlantic Council, I’m not familiar with the Atlantic Council but it’s my hunch that it’s some sort of a think tank and on their website you see the picture of Angela Merkel used in Newsweek and the opinion piece, so it is published in both places.
The Atlantic Council located in Washington DC promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic community’s central role in meeting global challenges.
We will now examine this article that Newsweek published and the Atlantic Council presented as well.
Okay so Angela needs help, in the photo she is looking rather upset and isolated in the description it states: US deference on European matters has forced Merkel to step up as Europe’s leader , that’s another clue that there’s something wrong, seriously wrong with the article because she is not the European Union’s leader. That role happens to go to Jean Claude Juncker. It is not Angela Merkel.  This author is saying that she is the EU’s leader and she clearly needs the United State’s help to get the continent through a series of historic crises and its already become obvious that this individual does not have a clue to European Union affairs or how it functions.
The EU right now has a larger economy than the United States. It also has
the world’s largest standing army. The EU is not an economic or political dwarf. They are one of the poles in a multipolar world. They are a counter to the United States.  So why would it now look to the United States to help it or not it, wait a minute Angela Merkel who this fellow says is the leader of the EU when she is in fact not.  But she clearly needs US help to get the continent through a series of historic crises? Huh?
The European Union in each of its crises has not once looked to the United States. 
Now, all of a sudden Angela Merkel is going to look to the US.   The author continues:
With the Cold War coming to and end, Washington saw the potential in  a new, soon-to-be reunited Germany to become the United States’ leading partner on the global stage the Germans demurred, neither yet comfortable nor perhaps capable of assuming a position of leadership alongside the US.
This writer is now becoming a very good fiction writer.  When Germany reunited it immediately integrated within the EU it was an issue for the European Union, European Community to be exact, at that time. This was not anything the US took part in. Wilson continues, “Today Berlin has been forced to take up this offer.” I didn’t even know it was an offer then. 
Damon Wilson states, “Barack Obama has revived Bush’s offer to Germany in  his own way by scaling back the US role in Europe. There has been an explicit US effort to empower and ensure Germany steps up to lead Europe alleviating some of the burden on Washington.”
Now this is starting to really not get funny.  Wilson continues, “ Indeed in the White House today the first question often asked about any European issue is what does the Chancellor want.” The US is not this stupid. Jean Claude Juncker heads the EU, this author is clearly making this stuff up.
In the US there is this idea that everything rises and falls around the US and that’s not what is happening in EU politics.
Wilson then writes, “Obama’s posture has required Merkel to occupy center stage during an unprecedented series of crises”.  Obama requires Merkel to occupy center stage? Okay In these crises you have the European parliament that has input, the European Parliament has its Conference of Presidents, [The Conference of Presidents is a governing body of the EU Parliament responsible for its organization, administrative matters and agenda]that have input. 
The EU also comprises of  the European Commission. Jean Claude Juncker has a full team of Commissioners. [The EU Commission is the EU’s executive body, it has 1 President, 7 Vice Presidents and 20 Commissioners. Not to mention the EU Council made up of each of the leaders of the EU Member Countries.]
There is so much involved in EU affairs that this is absolute nonsense and it doesn’t even recognize how the European Union functions. Okay so what does he write next?  But for her leadership the union would neither have weathered the worst of the nor would Greece have remained in the Eurozone.
 ( Making a really bad face) But for her leadership Greece wouldn’t have stayed in the Eurozone? if I credit any EU leader for Greece, it’s the Commission president. He is so unrecognized on the world stage. He stated that he would do everything to keep Greece in the Eurozone. This was not  about Angela Merkel, did she have input? Absolutely as a large nation in the EU she steps up, what she says definitely has influence, but she was not responsible for Greece remaining in the Eurozone. BTW, Jean  Claude Juncker is no LIGHTWEIGHT He was nicknamed Mr. Euro
He served on the board of governors of the World Bank
He Chaired ECOFIN-Council of Economic and Financial  Affairs
He was a key architect of the Maastricht treaty and he
wrote the clauses on Monetary Union,
He was a Minister of Finance
He was the Luxembourg PM for a number of years
He was given the Vision for Europe Award in 1998 for his  ideals for the EU’s monetary union
He served as the first President of the Eurogroup
Wilson then writes, “The EU  would never adopted tough sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine or renewed them in the face of growing dissent.” Oh boy this is really bad.  In fact the EU quickly issued sanctions.
Oh wait this is going to get good. Wilson further states, “ Germans or at least those who work around the chancellor now understand that they are in charge. While the public remains ambivalent about this role. “
If anyone is ambivalent about this role it’s this guy who wrote this thing and now it’s the public? He’s not even citing sources when he’s making these kinds of statements. This is really bad journalism and Newsweek published it, which is why I do not rely on the US media for my EU news.  Next Mr. Wilson stated the biggest doozy of all of his statements, he stated, “ They no longer instinctively turn to Washington on most issues.”
Hahaha that was good.  Instinctively turn to Washington… no longer, we were just so important weren’t we? Okay lets keep going here, “And yet is not clear Merkel can succeed without help in the latest crisis facing Europe… [i.e. the refuge crisis]and the clock is ticking to bring order to chaos.”
 This is where the United States comes in. Ha ha, okay. Wilson further states,
“Washington is already taking the lead, reluctantly, but decisively on bolstering the NATO alliance Obamas visit to Germany this spring offers an opportunity to reposition the United States into its traditional role as a facilitator of European Unity.”
 Where is this guy getting this stuff? This is pure fiction, we’re not a facilitator of European Unity and the European Movement has been going on for years now. We have nothing to do with it. Nothing, except that in its early years our CIA funded it. Wilson adds, The president could join the chancellor as her ‘partner in leadership’ by helping to organize a response to the migrant crisis.
Back to our traditional role as a facilitator of European unity.  When the EU formed one of the reasons or as it has evolved, they want to reclaim the limelight, they want to be a world power, they want to be calling some of the shots, they don’t want to cow tow to us in the United States. The only thing we  have done in that process is say go ahead do what your doing, were getting tired of taking on the burdens of the world and we need a partner in that process.  That was all the United States did and its CIA funding initially. Now the president could join the Chancellor as her partner in leadership. HUH? As her partner in leadership? Oh Yea! That is not even geopolitically possible with how the EU functions today. What? Call her up on the phone, say something, give an opinion I mean what could the United States do at this point? The European Union is its own entity. Its got its own government: the Commission, the Council, the Parliament, its Court of Justice, the European Central Bank is even an institution of the European Union.
Wilson continues, “Washington should join Berlin to organize a major initiative with Ankara and Athens that restores the EU’s external borders. Prevents the flow of migrants across the Aegean…” Wow! Were going to restore the EU’s borders.  You know the European Union just came out with its -under Jean Claude Juncker, I don’t even think this guy knows his name, I don’t think he knows his role, I don’t even think he knows Junkers’ alive. Ha ha ha Juncker and his Commission they’ve already established the border and coast guard, they’re taking care of it, no calling the United States. This man is in dream land.  Why do you write this kind of stuff, now what does he suggest?
This is the conclusion. Today however Europe faces a confluence of crises, and while the chancellor is Central American leadership and engagement may just determine whether she succeeds and the European Union holds.  
It’s up to the US if the EU is going to hold together? The EU is according to this guy incapable without the United States. I don’t think he recognizes any of the institutions of the EU.But, it made it into Newsweek and Newsweek published it. 
The editors should have caught this and this should have been tossed. But, I’m here to tell you again this is another example of the US media butchering, absolutely butchering European Union politics and EU news, which is why I don’t rely on the US media. And that’s the tragedy here is somebody who has no knowledge of the European Union would read this and think that their just this nonentity , that the US is very powerful and is still calling the shots and controlling the strings in the world when that’s not what’s happening at all. What’s happening in the EU is there’s going to be a tectonic shift. With what’s happening in the European Union one day the EU is going to surpass the United States and that day may end up being relatively soon.  

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