US Russia Sanctions -Beginning of End of United States

The latest Russia sanctions can be the beginning of the end for the United States, and the US’s decline will come rapidly and much sooner than I have even anticipated, this is concerning news and American citizens need to speak up.

This is reckless foreign policy. The idea that they want to sanction Russia again, I was not in agreement with the first set of sanctions with the Ukraine crisis, which I had written several articles about. But this is pure Insanity, Pure stupidity on the part of our law makers and all because of a ridiculous squabble between the Republicans and Democrats and they can’t see through their own contentions they cant see ¬†through their own vendettas what is now good for the United States of America and we are now embarking on foolish foreign policy.

These sanctions are not only unjustified but way over, extend our bounds and could potentially create a trade war along with Vladimir Putin, who has sat and taken each of the sanctions, each of the moves are building up of NATO and is now going to retaliate and Maybe it’ll do the US some good to have some retaliatory measures coming back at it for its stupid foreign policy, but concerning end time Bible prophecy, this event and the going forward of these sanctions can. Our currency AS being the world’s Reserve and there some move that they can make that can potentially be the demise of the United States.

One of the areas that Russia is looking at targeting is our currency ¬†as being the world’s reserve and there’s some moves that they can make that can hurt our currency.

This is concerning because we’ve already got a deficit that’s out of control lawmakers who Still can’t reign in the spending. With Russia there is a Worldwide opinion that NATO can exist against Russia, but Russia cannot defend itself of bolster its borders because of NATO, we have lobbyists in the United States we have corporations that help influence US policy, but when Russia funds political parties within the EU it is now ¬†overstepping its boundaries yet the EU can fund News outfits that promote the European union ¬†but whatever Russia goes to do, everybody’s hackles are raised because they’re Still seeing the old Soviet union. It’s this old mentality and the United States Democrats are in the Cold War that is long since does not exist. I’ve been an advocate of US Russia relations as being smart for US policy as being smart for the US economy.

And then you add the fact that the Congress is now going to take away presidential Powers so that Donald Trump cannot go forward with whatever he had planned ¬†to improve US Russia relations, and this is now frightening for the United States, frightening for its citizens that Powers are being taken away from our president and he is being railroaded into signing this Bill. And Vice president Pence Who is a fellow Christian? I AM also a Christian denounced Russia, according to this CNN article titled Pence slams Russia AS sanctioned dispute escalates, he seems to also have the same view rhetoric that everyone else has ¬†We build up NATO, of course. He is going to build up the other side. Russia takes that AS a threat that is a no brainer. Oh this is great he. He also stated that the US would not be intimidated by what Russia is doing well, what Russia is doing by reducing our diplomatic staff is finally standing up to the United States because we keep using the economic sanctions against Russia. Well its about time We got something back and this is not Russia intimidating us. It’s finally reacting.

Oh here we go, to be Clear we Hope for better days for better relations with Russia but recent diplomatic action taken by Moscow Will not deter the commitment of the United States of America to our Security the Security of our allies in the Security of freedom loving nations around the world Yeah that’s why we’re friends with dictators we have a keystone cop foreign policy that doesn’t even make any sense and we are the aggressor in this and this is now going to come back to bite us This These Russian sanctions were now treading on EU Territory and by the way the EU is beginning to flex its muscles against some very large US companies and were beginning to see this thing that was going to fall apart become a giant that’s beginning to punch up to its weight.

In end time bible prophecy we know that the US is not the leading nation we know were watching the US decline but these moves their going to throw us into what could be a pretty swift decline and that is frightening for those of us who are US citizens because were not going to know what to expect.

When our dollar collapses, when these other empires flex their muscles to put us in our place and what part of the problem is on the part of our leaders is an arrogance, this US arrogance that we can just do anything that we are just number one. well I hate to say it isn’t so and I think we are about to get a correction. and its frightening, you need to have your house in order, your financial affairs in order because we don’t know what its going to be like when it comes but with this kind of reckless policy ¬†the decline of the US might be coming sooner.

We know this in Bible Prophecy, we are expecting the decline, persons like myself write on it, how it could possibly happen, and again this is what is frightening, about these headlines here, because this could be the beginning of the end of the United States as we know it today. and we will become a country like some of these other countries like Venezuela.

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