Vaccine Passport 666? The Antichrist Most Don’t Get

In Luke 2:11 Jesus stated concerning signs of the end times, 11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven” Pestilences means plagues, which includes illnesses. COVID 19 is clearly a sign of the end time and is one of the Plagues that Jesus referenced. But for some reason Bible Prophecy teachers jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon concerning COVID and the vaccine. They moved from it being a plague to a conspiracy. Jimmy DeYoung of Prophecy Today who was one of these teachers died of COVID-19. Moreover, a Vaccine Passport is hailed as a prelude to the mark of the beast.

Frankly, this teaching is noise. Your cell phone is a prelude to the mark of the beast as is your computer and so much more. What is shocking about the noise is that it takes away from the Biblical teaching on the Antichrist and the mark of the beast, which is so horrific it is beyond a Vaccine passport. A vaccine passport is a walk in the park compared to the Mark of the Beast. All this conspiracy vaccine teaching reminds me of Isaiah 812: regarding the Syrian alliance with Ephraim against Judah, where God stated, “Do not say “Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy. …

I have been vaccinated and had no issue doing so and I still wear a mask in public places. You will learn in this episode why I have no issue with it as I relay the facts about the Antichrist that everyone is missing and why the vaccine passport is to me an issue not worth reporting.

I have written several books on the Antichrist, and one of these includes The Antichrist Half Devil Half Man, and Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast, The Antichrist of Revelation, and the current book that I am working on titled Messiah Vs. False Messiah Israel’s Covenant of Death. I will be relaying some facts from those various books on what is being missed about the Antichrist and you will understand why a vaccine passport is a walk in the park compared to the mark of the beast.

The Antichrist is the nemesis of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is Jesus’ direct enemy. He possesses all the power and knowledge of Satan. Moreover, he mimics the Lord Jesus Christ. Think of him as coming as the world’s savior. He does not want that glory going to God or to the Lord Jesus Christ but to himself.

The Antichrist is an entity: the highest in Satan’s hierarchy. He is essentially the son of Satan. He is part of the unholy trinity. Think of the power of the Holy Trinity. The unholy trinity is Satan’s counterpart. While not nearly as powerful as God’s or the Lord Jesus Christ’s, it has all the power Satan is able to muster and Demonic entities of Satan’s highest order comprise it. These represent Satan acting as God the Father, the Antichrist acting as Jesus, meaning the Savior of the world, and moreover Israel’s messiah. This is key and something the early church fathers understood that has gotten lost in today’s end time prophecy teachings. This isn’t even focused on, but it is the focus of my current book. The false prophet who oversees the image of the Beast is comparable to the Holy Spirit. What is also overlooked and never taught is that the Mark of the Beast will mimic the Holy Spirit and by doing so blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

The Antichrist the man is currently on this earth, we know he is here by the signs and the ripened fig tree. The Antichrist entity, which is currently being restrained will take possession of this man after the Antichrist receives his fatal wound. The restrainer, which is an angel will release the Antichrist entity from the bottomless pit where he in bound when the Antichrist loses his life. At this time the Antichrist entity will enter the Antichrist. The fatal head wound is predicted in the book of Revelation and Zechariah. This is when the 7th head of the beast becomes the 8th head or as the Revelation describes it the 8th is of the seventh. All the Scriptures that back this up are in my books. Moreover, both Judas Iscariot and the Antichrist are sons of perdition. Satan enters Judas and the Antichrist entity enters his human counterpart, the Antichrist.

At this time the mark of the beast is revealed. The false prophet oversees the mark of the beast, which acts as the unholy spirit. It will be technology at its height and will give the Antichrist God like powers. Most of all the Mark will blaspheme the holy spirit and by doing so will seal one to the Antichrist. Therefore, one must never take the mark because blasphemy of the Holy spirit is the unforgivable sin. If you are born again the spirit will retreat from you and your seal of the Holy Spirit will be broken and your name blotted out of the book of Life.

The mark of the Beast allows the Antichrist to enter you, and most likely he will be able to put his thoughts in you and guide you. Somehow this mark will offer a sort of eternal life, via AI and machines. Just as the image of the beast comes to life but only with God’s permission. The mark of the beast is beyond frightening because with it the Antichrist’s police state will know your every move. It will even be able to read your thoughts. A vaccine passport is nothing compared to this. A mere prelude like so much else already. Your cell phone is a path, the internet another, credit cards, globalization, and AI. How about your computer and cell phone listening to your conversations, and cameras that are everywhere. Not to mention a digital currency that will hook you up directly to a central bank. Not to mention that China currently has an AI police state. I have even come to realize we might not at the end be in a cashless society, the mark of the beast will know if you obtain cash and what you use it for.

A good deal of what is talked about in end time prophecy is based on speculations from long ago. They were great speculations for their time. But we in now in the end of the age. The time right before the start of the Tribulation and we can see clearer. So old assumptions are now outdated. Yet they are still being taught. therefore, a vaccine passport is chicken feed compared to the horror of the Mark of the Beast and the capabilities of technologies that are being developed.

In conclusion COVID is a plague, a vaccine passport, which was first launched with the 1918 Spanish flu is nothing new. While all pieces of it can fit, so does so much else, but the real horror of the mark of the beast is lost along with the scope of the Antichrist’s mission. This is to oppose the Lord Jesus Christ, mimic and blaspheme the Trinity while assuming the role as savior of the world. The most frightening piece of this is that today’s technologies will give the Antichrist these god-like powers. Some of these are expected to be rolled out within this next decade.

For more on end time prophecy check out my website, books, subscribe to my podcast and YouTube channel, but most important is you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior the Bible says to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Till next time God bless.