What Is The Unholy Trinity?

The unholy trinity is derived from Revelation 13, which refers to “the Beast,” and later in the passage names him 666.

The number six, translated from the New Testament Greek into English, means “vex,” or “curse.”  Seven represents God’s number of perfection. The triple six represents the unholy trinity, with the Devil acting as God.  The Antichrist, whom Satanists call the son of Satan, mimics Jesus Christ. The False Prophet who the Bible predicts will comes onto the earth and performs miracles to get the masses to worship the Beast, mocks God’s Holy Spirit.

The unholy trinity are named in the Revelation prophecy as “The Dragon,” “The Beast,” and “The False Prophet.”  

 It is interpreted that each 6 within the triad of 666 represents each member of the unholy trinity.

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Nearly all evangelical Christians have learned of the Antichrist. He horrifies, mystifies and fills us with dread. He is Jesus Christ’s nemesis and the world dictator who the Bible forecasts arrives into his position and ushers in the Tribulation. The Antichrist’s dictatorship provides the atmosphere of life during the Earth’s final years. 
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