Who is the Antichrist?

Sample Chapter of The Antichrist of Revelation: 666
Chapter 4

The Person of the Antichrist

The mysterious frightening language of the Revelation leaves us mystified and terrified and curious, especially when it comes to the person of the Antichrist.  Who is he, what will he look like? Myths have surfaced and anyone who embraces these legends is not paying attention to what the Scriptures teach about him. Some teachers have depicted the Antichrist as a handsome man with perfect features smiling from ear to ear, deceiving the world by his charismatic charm and good looks. This is not the portrayal of the Antichrist in the Bible.  Nowhere in the Bible  does it tell us he is good looking or captivating

Rude, Bold, Arrogant

What the Bible tells us about the appearance of the Antichrist is this: Daniel 8: 23 states, “And in the latter time of their kingdom, When the transgressors have reached their fullness, A king shall arise, Having fierce features.” The word means strong, mighty, fierce. The word in Daniel 8:23 specifically means hard of face shameless, not showing respect for another person, rude.  Synonyms are insolent meaning the person is marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others.   They are impolite , highly insulting, condescending in speech or conduct, overbearing.  We also get from these words exhibiting boldness.

Daniel 7:20 tells us that the Antichrist’s appearance is greater than his fellows and the word used in the Hebrew means chief, captain, leader, it also means pronounced, to speak great things, to talk proudly, impiously, which  relates to his establishing himself as a deity.

Many believe the Antichrist is going to be charismatic, so charming the world will want to flock to him. Nowhere in Scripture does it say the Antichrist is charismatic and a charmer, if anything he will stand out as a leader and one who is cocky and bold.  The Bible focuses more on his words which are blasphemous than his looks. The Antichrist does not get into his position by his charm. The Scripture tells us that he obtains the kingdom through intrigue- a secret or underhand scheme; a plot.

In earlier chapters I spoke of the contrasts of Jesus and the Antichrist.  Jesus was marked by humility, kindness, and love. His personality is  the opposite of the Antichrists who is proud, cocky and arrogant.

Brilliant, Real Smart, Wiser Than Daniel

The Scripture tells us that the Antichrist is smarter than Daniel, One thing we know about his person is that he is brilliant. Ezekiel 28:3-5 deems him “wiser than Daniel” for “there is no secret” hidden from him. The Antichrist’s genius is greater than Daniel’s, whose intelligence surpassed that of all the other prophets and Old Testament patriarchs.  Daniel was skillful in all learning, knowledge, and wisdom.  He understood science and comprehended the most difficult concepts. Daniel also possessed the ability to interpret dreams and visions (Dan. 1:4,17, 5:11-12).

In addition to having wisdom like Solomon, he possessed the mind of a   scholar, scientist,  and mathematician.  Recognized for his brilliant mind, Daniel served in Nebuchadnezzar’s court as Master over all the wise men, the consultants to the king.  When Darius the Median (the Medo-Persian Empire succeeded the Babylonian) took over Babylon, he appointed 120 princes to rule over the whole kingdom.  Governing over the princes were three presidents, of whom Daniel was first.  All the officials were accountable to him (Dan. 6:1-3).  When Cyrus the Persian succeeded Darius, Daniel served and prospered during his reign as well.  Daniel acted as the chief consultant to kings who ruled two of the four world empires that once existed.

Ezekiel confirms the Antichrist’s intelligence stating by “wisdom” and “understanding,” he accumulates “riches and gold and silver” into his treasuries. Ezekiel concludes: “By your great wisdom in trade you have increased your riches, and your heart is lifted up because of your riches.

Isaiah 10:13 confirms the Antichrist’s estimation of his wisdom. “For he says, By the strength of my hand, I have done it, and by my wisdom, for I am prudent; Also I have removed the boundaries of the people, and have robbed their treasuries; So I have put down the inhabitants like a valiant man.”

The Antichrist will understand government, and finance and his abilities will enable him to rise to world leadership.

He Is Sinister, Cunning and Deceitful

Along with being smart, Daniel 8:23 tells us he will understand sinister schemes. He knows what he is doing and knows how to get into position.   The King James Bible uses the phrase, “dark sentences,” which is another definition for the word in the Hebrew that also means sinister schemes.  This means he will comprehend difficult topics. He will know the solutions to the various problems within the EU, but he is really going to move the EU into its position of strength for his own purposes.

Most likely the Antichrist is at this moment already within the European Union acting like he is for the European Union’s goals and for the European people.  However, he sees his potential for total and absolute power within the EU.  He does not care about Europe or the world, he cares about power.  He will try to get into the EU’s seat of power, which is the  seat of authority given to him by Satan. Revelation 13:2 tells us that “the dragon gave him his power, his throne and great authority.”

     The Antichrist through his cunning will cause deceit to prosper under his rule.  (Daniel 8:25). Politically speaking this means that he will tell the people one thing and do another.  According to Daniel, the Antichrist is extremely skillful in this type of deception via his cabinet, intelligence agencies and army.  We saw the same behavior with Adolph Hitler and his final solution to exterminate the Jews, which was to be kept secret from his own people and from the world.

He Becomes Strong With a Small People

Daniel tells us  the Antichrist becomes strong with a small people
(Daniel 11:23), which means  it is a small country or electorate that puts him into power, but he raises his position to its greatness.  Notice he does not get his great seat by the masses putting him there.

I believe the Antichrist is from a small country, and then he gets into the European Union and is elected by the groups within the EU council and Parliament to his position. Daniel also tells us that here is no pomp or circumstance when he gets into position.   He is not given the honor of a king. This describes each European Union presidency, which are appointed and for which there is no pomp or circumstance.

It should be noted that the Antichrist slips into his position undetected by the masses. He becomes strong with a small people and there is no big ceremony when he gets into his position.  Most likely he favors their cause and wins them. He raises this little horn position to the south, east and toward the Glorious Land (Daniel 8:9).

In the Revelation, the Antichrist comes on a white horse because he is a deceiver, and many will believe his words that he stands on the teachings of his ideology, that he is for Europe, human rights, and the good of the people. He is the opposite.  Initially, when he sits in the EU’s highest seat, he will continue to deceive to accomplish his aims, and he will.  He does not gain his position because he is a great charmer or so charismatic but through intrigue and becoming strong with a small people.  Satan is there to help him get into his position.    In addition, the Antichrist is appointed by God for God’s purpose and He gives him his world-wide authority.

Antichrist Rises From Dead

It should be noted that while the Antichrist is not charismatic, the False Prophet is. The Bible tells us about the False Prophet in  Revelation 13: 12, And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the Earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.  In regard to the Antichrist’s wound Revelation 13 tells us, there is an eighth head on our seven headed beast who dies and comes back to life. Zachariah 11:17 elaborates on the wound and tells us his right eye is blinded, and his left arm dried up.

This injury can occur from an accident or from an assassination attempt. This wound further identifies him. He might end up wearing special glasses or an eye patch. His arm might be in some sort of a sling.  Alternatively, he will not move it because of its paralysis.  The Antichrist’s injury and recovery from near death is in part how he will get the world’s attention. This is also another parallel with Jesus.

The Antichrist is already walking, talking and living on Earth. He has just not stepped into his position yet.   The European Union is the Final World Empire, and the Antichrist will hold a leading position within the EU. The Antichrist arrives in the right place at the most opportune time. His astute abilities in national and international finance help him to direct the EU into great prosperity.  His genius leads them into superpower status.

After the Tribulation begins when the Antichrist makes the covenant of peace with Israel (Dan. 9:27 and his government agrees to act as the guarantor of the nation’s peace, prosperity follows the first three and a half years after the agreement.  The Antichrist raises the EU into a great economic and political world power.  Nations flourish through trade and association with him.  The Antichrist wins the favor with the masses because he leads the European Union into great wealth and all associated nations will prosper.  He is smart, bold, outspoken and deceitful.

After he signs the treaty, which we spoke of earlier, which also elaborates on his deception. The Scripture tells us that while he speaks peace, his words are drawn swords, the four horsemen of Revelation are released. Men kill one another. Nation will fight against nation, and famines will plague the world.

 The Antichrist will use these wars to his advantage and despite the famines, he raises his empire to its zenith of power to enable it to become the fearsome, monstrous beast described in Daniel and the Revelation.

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