Why US Citizens Better Pay Attention to the EU

There are many people in the US who believe that entire world rises and falls around the United States. America is the most powerful nation in the world.  America provides the policemen for the world. Our soldiers stand in bases situated in countries around the world. The US dollar is the world’s reserve and it is used around the world. Non one can match us. We are the world’s leading superpower.

Americans do not pay attention to anything that does not affect them directly.   We only want to watch news on topics that entertain us. We listen to celebrity gossip, watch the ladies sitting around the view, tune into watch Honey booboo eat her macaroni and cheese, we pay attention to when our  president speaks to the nation, but the European Union, who cares about the EU, besides what is the EU anyway.

Who can understand it.   The EU it sounds boring, we do not want to listen to a boring topic we want to be entertained. We’ll take a scandal anyday.  Shock me, entertain me but don’t bore me with the European Union or any boring BBC world news in parts of the world that no one even cares about.  After all the world rises and falls around the United States. You might look at my book, The Seat of the Antichrist and say hum, catchy title because the Antichrist well he is scary and creepy and he entertains, but the subtitle, Bible Prophecy and The European Union.  Oops there goes that boring EU word again.  Well who cares about the European Union. Besides what is it?  Where is it?  Oh Europe-how unexciting. This humdrum EU word, this European Union that many of you do not know about and do not care about is an empire.  A full fledged, bonfied empire.  Just like the old holy roman one.   BTW, this empire is also what the the prophet Daniel predicted would revive in its later days and launch the Antichrist.   Some of you might say,  The European Union as the final world empire, well that is years away so again who cares.  If you think it is years away you are wrong.

Let me now give you some facts about the EU that will not bore you.

The United States has 314 million citizens, the European Union has 504 million and growing.

The European Union is the world’s largest economy with the largest GDP in the world.

With just 7% of the world’s population, the EU’s trade with the rest of the world accounts for around 20% of global exports and imports. The EU is the world’s biggest exporter and the second-biggest importer.

The euro – used every day by some 332 million Europeans when it was launched in 1999 within a few years became the world’s second reserve currency.

The EU has the world’s largest standing army.

The EU has its own flag, anthem and motto.

Oh but Germany is the European Union’s largest economy and it really runs the EU and without Germany the EU would be nothing.   Germany trades with more countries within the European Union than countries outside of the EU, it is in part so wealthy because of its trade among the EU states.

The Euro crisis, the EU and euro are going to fall apart.   Since the start of the Euro crisis, the EU has tightened its ship, it is fixing the leak so to speak with changes called the six pact, the two pact which MEP Andrew Duff stated was The first steppingstone for the work to develop a fiscal union and The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union was signed on 2 March 2012.  On their to do list is their issuance of Euro bonds which will be similar to US treasuries, and will give US treasuries some serious competition.  That will knock the US down a few notches.

Oh but the United States has the greatest say in world institutions.  Once the EU adds the final touches to its treaties in 2015 and is a federal government like the US and is no longer considered by those world institutions as a regional pact, it will have the greatest say in world institutions.

For all of your people who do not pay attention to the EU, who think that the EU is boring and means nothing to American citizens I am going to play you a song and the song is the European Union’s national anthem and I want you to listen because one day this is going to be the anthem that will become known to the world. It will be the anthem for many nations..  You will pay attention then. Listen because you might as well get used to it now.


I hope that you enjoyed the anthem.  Now that you have listened to the world’s future anthem let me tell you that the day is coming soon when the world will enter the tribulation period.  The prophets of God have warned you and have been warning and you do not pay attention. The signs are all here, and there are many who are pointing them out on blogtalkradio, on youtube, and elsewhere on the internet, we may differ in what we focus on,and may each have a special area of expertise,  but our final message is the same. Just as Jeremiah and the Old Testament prophets warned Israel of the coming Babylonian invasion, we are warning you that the tribulation is coming.  You had better be ready because now is the acceptable time of Salvation. This European Union that you can care less about is already an empire.  A non imperial empire as Commission President Barosso defined.  It will rule the middle east region and the world. It will conquer nations and march through them as warring nations do. The EU will be headed by the Antichrist. You better pay attention to what is going on in the world because the world does not rise and fall around the United States.

If you are a Christian during that time you cannot take the mark of the beast because to take the mark is to die eternally.   As Eve took the apple and died spiritually, so taking the mark of the beast will bring upon yourself eternal damnation.

 The Antichrist is not coming from the United States, he is not going to spring from the United Nations, or any Middle Eastern Country such as Syria or Iraq, he is going to rise from the waters of the Mediterranean.

He will rise with his little horn and ten surrounding horns on his 7 heads which represents the European Union in its final form in contrast to the slain lamb of God with 7 horns and seven eyes, his 7 horns representing the 7 churches in the beginning of the book of revelation that he is Lord over. The church of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.

  The European Union under the direction of the Antichrist will become the monolith beast with a, lion face bearing giant teeth, walking on crushing iron legs with huge bear’s feet with cheetah speed. It will become a modern day tower of babel the Bible refers to him and his empire as a beast.

It is like a wild beast because its leader will be evil, vile and corrupt. , and will literally be the  Son of Satan himself and In the mean time don’t pay attention to the European Union, stay blinded in the delusion that everything in this world rises and falls around the United States.  You’ll pay attention one day,  that I can guarantee you.

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