Women of God and Bible Prophecy: Can a Woman Teach a Bible Study?

Can a Woman Teach a Bible Study?

When I started my work as a Bible Prophecy writer I knew that my being a woman writing on Bible Prophecy would be an obstacle based on the Bible verse that a woman is not permitted to teach in the church.

 The question is often asked can a woman teach a Bible study? Let alone women of God and Bible Prophecy or a Woman of God teaching on Bible Prophecy.

Of all of the best selling books of all time two of them were Christian titles dealing with Bible Prophecy. One was Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind and the second was Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth. Both were written by men. My books provide depth of information that neither of those books give because of my journalistic analytic approach and my titles barely sell. I know that my being a woman¬†is a reason that my books are not selling.¬† I¬†understood that my being a¬†female would be such an issue that initially I only used my first initial so that no one would know if I were male or female .I¬†anticipated that¬†¬†criticism would come from segments within¬†the born-again Christian¬†community over my being a woman of God writing on Bible Prophecy. For all of those who may have issue with my being a woman writing on prophecy I want to say:
It was to a woman (Mary) that Jesus first appeared after His resurrection and instructed her to inform His apostles that He rose from the dead.  I can write more here about the great women of the Bible, but instead I will say that if you would rather read of the end times from a male theologian or pastor, and bypass  the piece I offer as a journalist, and an analyst, you will miss out on facts you will not learn from Tim LaHaye or Hal Lindsey or any of the leading prophecy expositors out there today.
If you hesitate to read my books because I am a woman, I am a watchman, a magi and a prophetess just the same, but I am also a journalist.  My findings and my message might change your life and the information you learn from me might be used by you to teach others. If I were Erik and Not Erika would you be more apt to read my books? Do you shy from my books because of the Bible verse I mentioned earlier? Can I teach on the geopolitical, prophetic angle in your eyes, but must stop in the area of any relation of current affairs to the Bible because I am a woman? Should my findings only be taught to the ladies of the church?  Maybe my books should say, For Women Only. The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union-For Women Only, after all women can teach women.

If you might doubt this is an issue for me just read this review of the Seat of the Antichrist by Gordon Stamper.  It was doctrinally rebutted by Rev Michael Bresciani of American Prophet.org  in this review.  Rev. Michael Bresciani brought out some great points on this topic and I encourage you to read his review to read the insightful information he exposited  from the Scripture concerning women of God and which answers the question can a woman teach a Bible study.

In these end times women are leading countries, and they also head central banks that formulate world economic policy. According to the views of Mr. Stamper the Lord of Glory would certainly not raise up any women with the same level of acumen to handle any tasks for his purpose. If God were to raise up such women of God,  they should remain silent when it comes to any utterance of Scripture of they would be teaching.

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